Pokemon Go fans, here is Twitter account which tweets location whenever a rare Pokemon is spawned

Pokemon Go mania has taken over the world and various hackers are developing ways and means to make Pokemon finding that much more easy. Once such hacker is Cythia, who has created a program which tweets the location of the rarest Pokemon as soon as it spawns.

Cythia and gang have created an ultimate Pokemon Tracker program that tweets whenever a rare Pokemon spawns. This is the first program that scans, finds and then alerts users whenever a rare Pokemon appears. It also gives the Pokemon’s location and how long the Pokemon will remain active.

The tweets make it possible for Pokemon Go players to conserve their battery life. The program also helps them by avoiding to constantly check their maps or spend lots of money on lures to catch the best Pokemon. Cythia tells us that their program also helps bypass the “3 step” bug which prevents players from accurately detecting Pokemon.Currently, Cythia and team get around 90% of all rare Pokemon spawns in NYC and parts of Northern NJ but they say they will expand their program to other locations as well.

If you are Pokemon Go player or afficianado, you can follow the Twitter account @PokeTrackerNYC on Twitter and get updates of latest rare Pokemon being spawned.

We leave you with a video of a Pokemon Go fan who caught EVERY rare Pokemon (Charizard, Dragonite, Gyarados, all of them) by following Cythia’s Twitter account.


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