Nintendo’s Super Mario Run to be released by Holiday’s on iOS 10

Nintendo to bring SUPER MARIO RUN To The iPhone

Nintendo is back with its world famous iconic character, Mario and it will be launching a new game Super Mario Run by November 2016.

Nintendo made the announcement during the ongoing Apple Keynote at San Francisco. According to Nintendo, you can play Super Mario Run with one hand standing in the subway or while eating an apple. The Super Mario Run gameplay is rather simple, Mario keeps on running and you have to tap and Mario jumps. The object of the game is to collect most coins while reaching the goalpost. The longer you tap the higher Mario will jump. There is also Toad Tally where you can challenge other players.

Nintendo has also included an online multiplayer version of Super Mario Run. The online multiplayer version is called Toad Tally where you can challenge your friends. The game also has a battle mode with friends for completing a timed run.  The game can be bought for a one off payment, the price will be announced later but it will be released for ‘holidays’ in 2016. Super Mario stickers for iMessage which will release with iOS 10.

iPhone users will be the first to get Nintendo Super Mario Run.

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