Apple iPhone 7 follows Samsung Galaxy Note 7, explodes inside package, claims the owner

We are all aware how Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 7 that was launched last month started developing battery problems and explosions that were happening everywhere. As a result, Samsung had to announce a recall and ask its users to return their smartphones to the company to get a replacement.


Not to be left behind, Samsung’s arch-rival Apple too has decided to follow suit. A Reddit user “kroopthesnoop” posted a picture of his burnt up matte black iPhone 7 on Wednesday.


However, his Apple iPhone 7 exploded while still in the package unlike the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 that exploded due to a battery effect. The images posted by the user shows the distorted box inside which the iPhone 7 is claimed to have exploded. Basically, when the user received his delivery of the iPhone, he found it in the burnt state. “Something happened between the factory and delivery,” the owner of the phone wrote in his thread on Reddit.


It is difficult to say if the claim made by the iPhone user is fake or not. Apple is yet to make a public comment on the issue. It might have had something to do with the delivery system, but they haven’t responded either.