Top six highest paying “Big Data” skill sets in 2016

Top 6 Highest-Paying Big Data Skills to Upgrade to in 2016

The world of technology is dynamic by nature. So it should come as no surprise that the skills you had in 2015 may be redundant in 2016. Skills get outdated even certifications easily get outdated and cannot land you a creamy job. That might be the sad part, but the silver lining is that newer skills are mostly based or built upon existing ones. So, if you are a developer, you can easily upgrade your skills to the new skill set without much struggle  In fact, they would be better off than newbies who start afresh with a new skill.

If you are looking out to upgrade your skill set, here are 6 of the highest-paying skills for 2016 that you should consider.


It is a free, open source ‘noSQL’ database that stores and handles various types of data and is increasingly becoming the preferred choice for mobile and cloud applications. Apple and Netflix are among the biggest users of this system.


Cloudera makes the most popular version of ‘easily-usable’ Hadoop, which is a system through which huge amounts of data can be stored on and accessed through a network of low-cost servers. As you know it, the free version of Hadoop is not really convenient to use, making it imperative for efficient organizations to pick a paid, easy version.


It is an in-memory database, which does not require storage disks to work on. Since it uses entirely the memory, it can crunch an insane amount of data almost instantly.


This is a programming framework that analyses data to extract insights from it. It is most commonly used with Hadoop.

HortonWorks Data Platform:

This is an open source platform that lets the existing data architecture of an organization to be integrated with Apache Hadoop. As more and more companies are joining the Hadoop bandwagon, a certification in this specialization will make you worth a lot.


It is a platform of the high-level that is used to analyze large data sets. This platform uses Pig Latin, a sophisticated language for expressing data analysis programs, along with the infrastructure that evaluates these programs.

These ‘Big Data’ skill sets are easy to upgrade to especially if you are already into programming. You can easily obtain a certification from a university or training institute for these skills and update your resume. Several online courses offering certifications in these skills are also available for those unable to pursue a full-time course.

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