Arduino’s new ESLOV IoT Invention Kit makes hardware makes hacking easy

Arduino reveals a serious Internet of Things foil for hardware hackers

A few years ago, it was impossible to imagine that there could be recreations of hardware inventions. As a result, hardware manufacturers felt protected and believed that no one can make their cold hardware.

However, this has been changed. Thanks to the smart yet crafty folks at Arduino, who have come up with a new concept that allows your device to accumulate data from around the globe and send out its own analytics, etc. Called the ESLOV IoT Invention Kit, it is a central Arduino product that adds Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities to your hardware products. In other words, you can build any hardware you want to know and connect it to the internet using the ESLOV IoT Invention Kit.

The ESLOV kit will let you add IoT capabilities to almost any hardware you can imagine. For instance, whether it is a washing machine, or a refrigerator, or a home-theatre system, Arduino’s new kit will make it come alive.

This self-described “plug-and-play toolkit” lets you connect mixed sensors and outputs together to develop several systems. Since, all these modules are controlled via Arduino’s online IDE, the percentage of failure is very less.

The basic system includes several ATmega328P processors, which are the same ones found on the Arduino Uno, a series of sensors as well as a Wi-Fi hub. These sensors are run by individual ATmegas. The kits are available at three levels. The entry-level $99 pack includes a Wi-Fi and motion hub, a button, a buzzer, and a LED. Next, the $249 intermediate kit includes all the important units to get started, while the Pro indication includes a Hall sensor, OLED Display, and GPS (22 modules in total) for $499.

The toolkit is expected to be available for purchase in next July.

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