Leaked video reveals that Xiaomi is working on a bendable smartphone

Looks like the future of smartphones is here! Xiaomi, a major Chinese manufacturer, is making a cardboard-thin smartphone that either comes in a unique shape or has a bendable touchscreen, reports The Verge.

While the video leaked online doesn’t show the phone bending, but it does suggest Xiaomi has created a real, tangible bendable smartphone that also responds to touch.

The 30 seconds video clip also shows the device running Xiaomi’s latest MIUI 8 while it is being operated by a user. However, there are no details about the smartphone yet or any release date either.

Earlier this year, Bloomberg had reported that Samsung may release two bendable OLED screen smartphones next year. One handset is said to fold in half, while another has a 5-inch display that can expand into an 8-inch screen.

Source: The Verge


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