This homemade USB killer delivers 300 volts and instantly fries your computer

This homemade USB killer delivers 300 volts to instantly fry your computer or laptop

You must all have read about the $49 USB Killer which fires an instant surge of power through your computer’s motherboard when connected and fries your computer/laptop. Now a DIY YouTuber Thomas Kim has come up with a homebred USB killer which he made up using day to day household articles. Like the $49 USB Killer, Kim’s homemade USB Killer delivers a 300 volts surge to the computer/laptop and fries it.

Kim has made his USB Killer by combining camera flash parts with AA battery and made it such that the USB pendrive will deliver 300 volts when plugged into an unsuspecting computer. It’s effectively the same as a power surge, but the difference is that most power supplies have protection against those. The inbuilt USB buses in computer/laptop don’t offer the same kind of resistance, and consequently relay the energy to the rest of the computer, instantly killing it.

Therefore, just be careful next time before inserting any untrusted USB pendrive that does not belong to you into your laptop. You could not only lose all the important files and data stored in your computer, but also lose your laptop.


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