Man Finds An iPhone Dropped Into Frozen Lake, Still Working A Year Later

Man finds iPhone 4 in frozen lake more than a year after it was dropped, and it’s working

In an incredible iPhone survival story, a man who dropped his iPhone 4 into a frozen lake during a fishing trip was reunited with his device 18 months later. The most amazing part of the story is that the iPhone is still working after surviving for more than a year at the bottom of an icy lake.

Michael Guntrum, from Knox in Pennsylvania, was fishing last year in his hometown of Knox, Pennsylvania, when the handset dropped through a tiny hole in the ice.

“Lost my phone today,” he wrote in a Facebook post on March 2015. “Long story short. Ice fishing,+ hole in ice = iPhone at bottom of lake.”

Speaking to BuzzFeed News, he said: “We were having negative-25-degree weather, so me and two buddies went ice fishing.

“We were sitting in our portable shanty, and I got a bite on my rod. I laid the phone on my lap, and it slipped off.

“Instead of landing flat in the snow, it hit its edge and rolled into the hole. I caught the fish – it was a blue gill – but it wasn’t worth it.”

When not even the most optimistic person would expect to see that iPhone ever again, Mr Guntrum appears to be one lucky fisherman.

The same lake where Mr Guntrum had dropped his iPhone was drained in September 2015 and it was eventually found stuck under some six inches of mud, still in its OtterBox phone case by mechanical engineer Daniel Kalgren.

Mr Kalgren was exploring the bottom of the lake with a metal detector when he came across the phone, reports BuzzFeed News.

Mr Kalgren took the iPhone home, put it in some rice, and waited for it to defrost. Surprisingly, the handset actually turned on and he was able to retrieve the owner’s number. He got in touch with Mr Guntrum and days later Mr Guntrum was reunited with his iPhone.

An Apple spokesperson said: “It never ceases to amaze us, all the incredible iPhone survival stories our customers have shared with us.”

While Mr Guntrum has been using a replacement phone for a while now, but he has plans of giving the newly-defrosted tough old iPhone 4 to his mother.

Source: Buzzfeed

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