Spoiler Alert!!! The Entire Script of Game of Thrones Season 7 Leaked Online

The entire plot for HBO’s Game of Thrones season 7 has been leaked online

Warning!!! If you are a Game of Thrones fan, there is a spoiler alert : Daenerys and Jon Snow will finally meet in the GoT Season 7 and Daenerys will reach Westeros.

Up to its latest season 6, the Game of Thrones episodes has been the most pirated shows in history with most episodes climbing to the number one in torrent download charts. And Game of Thrones Season 7 will be no different. In fact, it will be massive as the entire plot for GoT season 7 has been leaked online.

A Redditor, awayforthelads reportedly posted the list of astonishing spoilers on the website, according to The Huffington Post. The leaks took the GoT fans by surprise and have divided them into two groups. One group is devouring the explosive plot, while other wants to wait until it hits the screens as GoT bosses next year. There is a middle group which says that the leaks are fake and masterpiece of the leaker’s very vivid imagination.

Those who are thinking that the GoT Season 7 leaks are an imagination may be wrong because, a news site dedicated to the drama, Watchers On The Wall, has confirmed some of the points made with show sources and set photos.

It has been reported that the Reddit user’s account was then deleted after the leak, but not before fans shared it. Another Redditor,  starkandlannister has made a detailed Reddit post refuting the leaks. The user who claimed to have close proximity to one of the actors on Game of Thrones claimed that the leaked information was incorrect.

So far, HBO have not commented on the alleged leak.

And for those who are not worried about the spoiler alert, here goes.

Game of Thrones Season 7

Season seven will see Daenerys, Cersei Lannister, and Jon Snow will form an allegiance to battle the White Walkers. Jon says he would give up his seat as King In The North if they fight together against the White Walkers.

Tyrion will face his sister Cersei and we will see a get together of Jorah, Varys, Missandei, Qyburn, Euron Greyjoy, The Mountain and The Hound as well as Daenerys and Jon meeting at the Dragon Pit in King’s Landing.

To convince the others into forming an alliance, Jon will bring an undead wight and show them why the seven kingdoms need to come together to fight the Night’s King and his undead army. Despite initially agreeing, Cersei goes back on her word and hopes that the two armies wipe each other out enough for her to hold the power. Because of her actions, Jaime finally gives up on his sister and heads north to join the fight against the wights.

Trying to capture the wight, sees Jon Snow’s uncle Benjen (also known as Coldhands) die trying to protect his nephew. Jon’s group are attacked by the Night King’s army and are left surrounded on a frozen lake, where Thoros is killed by a wight polar bear.

Daenerys saves the stranded group but faces her own casualty as one of her dragons, Viserion is taken by the Night’s King. He is the resurrected and is used to destroy The Wall with his powerful blue flame.

Despite their clash, Daenerys and Jon end up sleeping together by episode seven of the season.

Arya is reunited with her direwolf, Nymeria, which she left in season one. Upon her return, Arya uses her skills and the face of Walder to summon the Freys and after sending the women away, gives a toast and kills them all with poison.

Littlefinger threatens to upset the Stark family, as he tries to use a letter which Sansa sent to her brother Rob which she was made to send during her time as a Lannister, but with the help of her little brother Bran, she’s able to expose Littlefinger. He is then executed by Ayra.

Jorah makes a return after having been cured of greyscale by Sam.

Gilly, of all people, finds an account which claims that Rhaegar’s marriage had been annulled and that he had actually married Lyanna Stark, Jon’s mother (complete with a flashback) – which strengthens Jon’s claim to the throne.

Elsewhere, Cersei appears to have a miscarriage, and the Lannister army takes on Dorne and High Garden, killing them off.

Lady Oleanna reveals that she killed Jeoffrey and Jaime lets her commit suicide by poison.

The Lannisters have special anti-dragon artillery, which is designed by Qyburn, but are still killed by an attack from Daenerys. Tyrion is left worrying about Daenery’s hunger for power after she orders Drogon to scorch some Westeros lords, which includes Sam’s tyrant father Randyll, as they choose not to kneel. Euron Greyjoy finds and destroys Yara’s fleet and takes her as a prison but Theon manages to escape. Euron takes Ellaria and kills off two of the Sand Snakes.

But after he casts his eye on the wights, he flees back to Pyke after finding out that they can’t swim. Theon and Jon Snow come face to face, but he is given mercy for saving Sansa’s life.

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  1. I don’t know whether it’s real, but much of it is what I would have predicted. That the two surviving Targaryens should end up reigning together would be no surprise.

      • No, what she means is that, in the books, Rhaegar’s youngest son with the Martell woman (Jon’s brother), one of the two the Mountain is said to have killed, is supposedly alive.

    • The title is “Spoiler Alert!!! The Entire Script of Game of Thrones Season 7 Leaked Online” If you didn’t wanna know anything, why the FUCK are you here dickhead!

  2. Why must Petyr die?! And why in this stupid way?!
    By the way Sandor and the others also betrayed Ned Stark!
    Petyr played to survive just like the others! Sandor was just standing besides Joffery and always protected that killer and his mother! But after he looked after Arya everyone forgave him. Petyr saved Sansa several times, and gave her lessons to survive the game of thrones, furthermore he offered to take her back to her mother, but Sansa refused, because her future dream marrige was more important to her then her family! She let her wolf die, she lied for Joffery, she was almost only interested in Cersei’s opinion about her, she admired the queen. And she hated her family in the begining.
    Everybody betrayed everyone to survive this game! So what are we talking about?!
    Why must Baelish die?! The way his death is written is just stupid and doesn’t make any sense! Varys does exactly the same thing what Petyr playes! He is the most interesting character in the whole serie, it’s very hard to figure him out, what his true intentions are..ect. This death by Arya is terrible. And he would never betray Sansa for the reason we know why. It just does not suit him! We know for now that the true players are Petyr and Varys! They should survive the whole thing becasue they created it!
    If they do this s**t , I promise, many fans just like myself won’t even start to watch it!

    • I dont think you’re paying close enough attention to the series if you don’t realize that petyr baelish is the whole reason this war began. He wasn’t trying to survive. He was trying to create chaos. It all starts with him convincing lysa to poison john aryn, Robert baratheons hand of the king. He has done so much more. You need to watch again because he is one if the biggest villains in the show and books

      • He’s a misogynist because he doesn’t like one female character? In a show where half the cast are female? You’re an idiot.

  3. please are the stark family going to have a reunion once again or are they still going to be seperated once again?I believe arya is done with her training

  4. I think season 7 is going to be too predictable. We need more shocking moments to make it more interesting. That’s why we watched it in the first place.

  5. Yup Angel Miranda. I couldn’t wait, as I’ve never experienced such suspense before, so I looked for spoilers or I was going to pop. I think we found the real deal.

  6. Just finished episode 6 leaked episode and I can confidently say this is pretty spot on to the show and the finale is gonna be a wild ride. Season 7 definitely didn’t disappoint


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