Google Bangladesh hacked by Pakistani hackers!!!!

Google Bangladesh hacked by Pakistani hackers through DNS hijacking

In what seems to be a case of DNS hijacking, Pakistani hackers hijacked the Google Bangladesh page and redirected the visitors of to black page proclaiming that it has been “Struck by Faisal 1337” 1337 being the slang for leet or elite hackers.

The visitors to Google Bangladesh started seeing the hacked page since the night of 19th and continued throughout the next day before Google could redirect the visitors to Right now the page has fully been restored but some visitors are still seeing the defaced page.

The defaced page put up by the hackers ‘Google Bangladesh STAMPED by Team Pak Cyber Attackers. The hacker has identified himself as ‘Faisal 1337’. A Facebook profile and Hotmail address were also mentioned. The notice also says ‘security is just an illusion.’

Google is known to own most resilient and hackproof servers in the world and the hackers seem to have found a way to hijack the DNS through the registrar of the website, Bangladesh Telecommunications Company Limited or BTCL.  “It has been compromised. Some hacker group … they are claiming they did it,” said Sumon Ahmed Sabir, chief strategy officer for Fibre At Home told The hackers have redirected the information for ‘’ on BTCL’s DNS entry, he said. So Google users have been landing in other pages.

The spokesperson from the government-owned BTCL acknowledged the hack and said that the issue has now been restored.  “There had been a problem, which has been fixed,” Director (PR) Mir Mohammad Morshed said.

Pakistani hackers are very active in the field of hacking websites and mostly target Indian websites in a tit-for-tat game with the India-based hackers.

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