Download your Vine videos before the service shut down today

Download your Vine clips today because today is the last day before Twitter archives them

If you have been following Techworm, you will know that Twitter is closing its Vine service. With the closure date of January 17th for Vine, you’ve only got a few hours left to download any of your Vines that you want to keep for the future.

Twitter had announced in December last year that Vine’s mobile app will become Vine Camera. The public Vines that exist will soon be shifted to an archive mode. While Twitter has assured it will move the existing 6 sec videos to an online archive, it’s not clear how long Twitter will keep those archived Vines online for. However, it did specify that users should download any of their own creations before January 17th.So if you are a Vine user and have uploaded videos on the Twitter’s video sharing App, now is the right time for you to download your videos.

How to download Vine videos?

There are two ways to download the Vine videos. You can download the clips via the desktop site, and choose them individually, or elect to receive an email with them all included. If you opt for downloading your Vine videos through the desktop website, you’ll also get an index of your captions, comments, likes, and shares. , but if you download them from the app, you’ll get nothing extra.

The second way is to download it via Vine App on your Android smartphone or iPhone/iPad. The process is similar but if you download from the App, you will receive only the videos and not the captions, comments, likes or shares.

What happens to Vine?

Like Twitter has announced, the old Vine will be rebranded as Vine Camera and goes online today. The Vine Camera will let users take short videos as before but they can’t share it as before. You can only save them in your smartphone or upload them to Twitter. Either way, instead of using the Vine Camera, you can use your native smartphone camera to shoot videos and then upload them to Twitter.


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