Replace Ubuntu with openSUSE in Bash on Windows 10 and enjoy Linux

If you have been following Techworm, you will know that you can run Ubuntu Apps on Windows using Bash. Microsoft brought the fun and power of Linux to Windows 10 with Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). This allowed the Windows 10 users to run Bash on Ubuntu on Windows 10 and enjoy Ubuntu Apps without having to install the Ubuntu distro separately.

Now your Linux experience on Windows 10 is bound to get a further refill with OpenSuse Linux distro. OpenSUSE has given the users an option to run openSUSE inside your Windows 10 installation. This way, you can run most openSUSE Apps within Windows 10 without having to install the Operating System separately like Ubuntu with Bash.

Replace Ubuntu with openSUSE in Bash on Windows 10 and enjoy Linux

In a blog post, Sr. Product Manager – SUSE Linux Enterprise at SUSE, Hannes Kühnemund has published a detailed tutorial on how to install a SUSE Linux distribution on Windows 10 PC/laptops. Currently, the users have two options — openSUSE Leap 42.2 and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 SP2.

Replace Ubuntu with openSUSE in Bash on Windows 10 and enjoy Linux

If you are a Linux lover, you can now enjoy OpenSuse along with Ubuntu thanks to Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL).


  1. It is easier, faster and free to install Ubuntu. Windows 10 takes longer to install. It is very cumbersome since Microsoft tries to ensure that you replace previous Windows 7.
    And installing Windows 7 is a nightmare since it takes whole day to patch 207 patches. What a joke.

    • good point! or you can dual boot windblows with ANY linux easily via grub and have a choice of which to load. That has been around for many many years………

    • Try to print in any Linux distro 100 photos with date in one corner ?
      Because of that I still need windows for normal photo printing. When I say normal I mean select 100 photos and print without any workarounds.

  2. This author has no idea of what his is writing. Running Ubuntu apps is not why people primarily install Ubuntu. It’s the shear speed and performance on Linux machine that makes experience better and not the sluggish Windows.

  3. Why SUSE? Ubuntu is by far the better option and it makes more sense since it’s a partnership between MS and Cannonical which is making this happen. I’ve been using Mac for a long time now because of it’s first class unix support, prior to that I was a Linux man running either Debian or Ubuntu (excluding pre historic times).

    Using windows recently for VR and games and very nice to finally see bash support. I can now move my development from my mac to windows. No more cygwin, or having to dual boot (which sucks I mean really close your work then reboot just to do something? this is not the 90’s people).

    Well done to Microsoft to finally embrace a superior terminal and scripting language.

  4. Ubuntu has enough bloat now that it’s practically the windows of linux distros. If your argument is for performance, almost any other linux distribution is better than Ubuntu.


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