Google Brazil hacked, unavailable to Brazilians

Google Brazil hacked through DNS hijacking, unavailable to users

In what seems to a case of DNS hijacking, the Google’s Brazil website, was hacked by a lone hacker. This Google website hacking incident comes after Pakistani hackers had similarly hacked Google Bangladesh website in the 2nd week of December.

The Google Brazil was hacked by a hacker going by the online handle of “Kuroi’SH.” Kuroi’SH defaced the official Google Brazil domain earlier Tuesday afternoon and left a message on the hacked website for Google.

Google Brazil immediately tried to restore the hacked website but seemed unable to gain control as the domain, is still unavailable to visitors. According to reports in Brazil media, the Google Brazil users were getting the defaced message from Kuroi’SH for a whole 30 minutes before Google took the website offline. Other reports indicated that Kuroi’SH had also hacked and defaced Google Maps and  Google Translate Brazil domains but these reports were not independently confirmed.

Here is a full preview of the deface page “It is a great moment to die. Hacked by Kuroi’SH! Two Google at once, I don’t even care; f**k the jealous hates such as Nofawkx. Two Google at once world record idgaf :D. Greets to my friends Prosox & Shinobi h4xor.”

Google acknowledged the hacking through a tweet but refused to give reasons behind the hack.

Kuroi’SH told Hack Read that “By two Google domains I mean Google Paraguay domain since I was able to deface it as well but didn’t have time to make its mirror” When asked why did he deface the Google Brazil domain Kuroi’SH added that “Google brazil was defaced to show the world everything can be hacked and we should not underestimate our security risks.”

Kuroi’SH is not a new handle in the world of hacking. In 2015, he defaced NASA subdomains and left pro-Palestinian messages on their homepages.

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