Teenager invents phone charger which produces energy from the human body

This innovative charger uses energy generated from the human body to charge smartphones

Smartphones that are loaded with apps and games tend to consume more battery than usual. As a result, it can at times be nightmarish when your smartphone’s battery suddenly dies out when you need it the most. Maybe, this teenager from Minsk, Belarus has a solution for this problem.

Michael Vaga, a 19-year-old inventor, has invented and developed a smartphone charger known as HandEnergy, which uses energy from the human body to get the energy to charge your device.

So, how does this work? All you need to do is just rotate your hand, which then activates the device’s gyroscope to generate energy that can either be used to immediately charge a mobile device or can be stored.

The kickstarter campaign which was started to fund this invention with the hope of raising €50,000 has now managed to collect €71,333 from people who are hoping to own one soon.

Mr Vaga whose invention took over a year to develop, said he is now ready to make and send out the ground-breaking portable chargers.

He said: “With each rotation of your hand, the rotor speed increases significantly and generates more power. The average speed of the rotor is 5,000rpm.

“We translate the mechanical energy you put in into electrical energy and this means you can charge your device.”

Mr Vaga said this is perfect for those are away for a long time from power source.

While the batteries of the HandEnergy device takes anywhere between 40 minutes to one hour to charge completely, this speed however gets reduced by 30 percent if a phone is being charged simultaneously.

According to Mr. Vaga, the charger is not only an excellent emergency source of energy, but also an good example of clean energy.

HandEnergy is expected to retail at a price of €99 (£84) and will be available from March 2017.

Source: Telegraph

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