Nude Images and videos of 60 celebrities have been leaked by Fappening 2.0 hackers so far

If you have been following Techworm you must have read the news of latest Fappening 2.0 leaks of nude images of Harry Potter movie series star Emma Watson, Jennifer’s Body star, Amanda Seyfried and The Sixth Sense star, Mischa Barton among others. Before this NSFW Celebgate leak, we had the hackers releasing similar nude images of Supermodel Emily Ratajkowski in last week of February.

In all the above cases, unknown hackers hacked the Hollywood celebrities iCloud account and leaked their nude images and videos.from private albums. Like the earlier Fappening leaks, this time too, the images and videos were leaked by unknown hackers on the image boarding website, 4Chan and Reddit. For those who are new to Fappening, this name was given by the image borders of 4Chan when the unknown hacker started leaking the celebrity images.

Who is leaking the images if Fappening hacker is serving a prison sentence?

The United States premier law enforcement agency, FBI had claimed that the original Fappening hacker was identified and sentenced to 9 months in jail. Edward Majerczyk, 29, from Illinois, Chicago has confessed to hacking the iCloud accounts of Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Kaley Cuoco and Kirsten Dunst among others.  Majerczyk said that he had hacked nearly 300 celebrity iCloud accounts using phishing and leaked the explicit celebrity images. Majerczyk was found guilty by a US Court and is currently serving the sentence.

So this brings us to the question of who is behind the latest iCloud nude image leaks of Emma Watson, Mischa Barton, Amanda Seyfried. Are we to believe that the FBI and authorities were not able to arrest some unknown partners of Majerczyk. Or is another hacker group behind the latest iCloud hackers and Fappening 2.0. Mind you, many members on 4Chan have suggested that the current leaked images and videos are from a private collector’s album.

But the question remains! Was Majerczyk really behind the Fappening 1.0? Was Majerczyk alone in his hacking adventures? Or there were some partners who have still not been identified by the authorities.

The clue to this come only in coming weeks. Because, earlier during the Fappening 1.0, the iCloud hackers released a tranche of images every Friday on 4Chan and Reddit. If the current Fappening 2.0 images are leaked next week, we can safely assume that a new hacker group is behind the latest iCloud hacks. If not, we can deduce that the images and videos currently leaked are from the previous Fappening hack.

Complete list of Fappening 2.0 casualties

As we have been reporting about various NSFW Fappening leaks, we have collated the data and prepared a master list of all the celebrities who have been targeted by the iCloud hackers. The list follows no particular order. Also, please note that the hackers may have leaked the Fappening 1.0 images in case of some of the celebrities.

1. Rose McGowan (Actor)

2. Katie Cassidy (Actor)

3. Analeigh Tipton  (US figure skater and actress)

4. Dylan Penn (model, daughter of Sean Penn)

5. Saraya-Jade Bevis a.k.a Paige (WWE Diva)

6. Emma Watson (Actor)

7. Amanda Seyfried (Actor)

8. Jennifer Lawrence (Actor) (Most images from 2014 leaks)

9. Kate Upton (Actor)

10. Abigail Spencer (Actor)

11. Alison Brie (Actor)

12. Ariana Grande (Actor)

13. Ashley Green (Actor)

14. Aubrey Plaza (Actor)

15, Avril Lavigne (Actor)

16. Becca Tobin (Actor/Singer/Dancer)

17. Brie Larson (Actor/Singer)

18. Christina Hendricks (Actor)

19. Dwayne Wade (Professional Basketball Player)

20. Emily Ratajkowski (Actor)

21. Gabrielle Union (Actor)

22. Hayden Panettiere (Model/Actor/Singer)

23. Hope Solo (US Soccer Goalkeeper)

24. Jennette McCurdy (Actor/Singer)

25. Jenny McCarthy (Actor)

26. Justin Verlander (US Professional Baseball Pitcher)

27. Kaley Cuoco (Actor)

28. Kat Dennings (Actor)

29. Kate Bosworth (Model/Actor) 

30. Kim Kardashian (Reality Star/Actor)

31. Kirsten Dunst (Actor)

32. Krysten Ritter (Actor/Muscian) 

33. Lea Michele

34. Leelee Sobieski

35. Mary-Kate Olsen

36. McKayla Maroney

37. Meagan Good

38. Rihanna

39. Scarlett Johansson

40. Teresa Palmer

41. Vanessa Hudgens

42. Victoria Justice

43. Yvonne Strahovski

44. Alyssa Arce (Model)

45. Rhona Mitra (Actor)

46. Iliza Shlesinger (US comedian)

47. Jillian Murray (Actor)

48. Kristanna Loken (Actor)

49. April Love Geary (Model)

50. Trieste Kelly Dunn (Actor)

51. Lili Simmons (Actor and model)

52. Danielle Moinet (Professional wrestler, known as Summer Rae)

53. Demi Lovato (Singer)

54. Holly Willoughby (Model and TV presenter)

55. Celeste Bonin (Former professional wrestler known as Kaitlyn)

56. Lauren Cohan (Walking Dead actor)

57. Lacey Banghard (Glamour model)

58. Jessica Nigri (US cosplayer)

59.  Victoria AKA Lisa Marie Varon (WWE Diva)

60. Melina Perez (WWE Diva)


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