Microsoft Bungles Again, Bug Doesn’t Let Windows 10 Users Update KB4015438


Microsoft update muddle continues as its latest KB4015438 for Windows 10 fails to install

Microsoft is known for its buggy updates and the if user reports are to be believed, its engineers have not learned anything from the past. Microsoft recently released the new cumulative update ‘KB4015438’ for Windows 10 version 1607 (Anniversary Update). However, as expected, Microsoft’s inept update handling continues with the latest KB4015438 update for Windows 10 like its predecessors.

According to some reports on Microsoft Community forum, the KB4015438 update issued by Microsoft for Windows PCs and laptops fails to install. However, there is no clarity whether the update gets an error or it just takes forever to complete.

To make matters worse, the new patch is also causing problems, which was in fact supposed to address the problems experienced by the previous cumulative update (KB4013429).

One user explains, “Previously, the problem was with KB 4013429, but after some days and Four Hours wasted, finally it is replaced by KB4015438. HOWEVER, the new one begins to fail again!”

As of now, Microsoft has not provided any workaround for this problem. If you are not facing any problems, then in that case KB4015438 is likely to have installed correctly with the process running correctly in the background. However, if your system is freezing during the install, then it is advisable to wait as the process is likely to take more time than expected.

In addition, you can also try downloading cumulative update KB4015438 manually, which is already available through Windows Update. You can run a manual check for the update by going to Start > Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update. All you need to do is point your web browser to Microsoft’s Update Catalog to run a fix.


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  1. Goldyray Yeazle on

    Wow, who’s having trouble? I have windows 10 on 3 of my systems, one of which is as an insider. (My least important laptop which is just barely good enough to handle windows 10) and I have never had any update issues. I even upgraded my desktop a few weeks ago with a new hard drive and 8 gigs of ram so I now have the 64 bit versions of windows 10. Anyway, if anyone’s reading this I wouldn’t worry about buggy updates. This article is the only instance I personally know of having issues updating. Maybe it’s because I’m an insider but I like to check for updates almost daily and this latest update I installed last night and am running right now. I was just wanting to look at the changes which led me to this article. So if you haven’t had problems before and read this I don’t think you have to worry. Windows 10 has been working great for me. I love it, it’s made all my complaints from Windows 8 (which I hated) go away. 😛

    • I have a desktop and laptop using Windows 10 and the laptop is rebooting every few minutes since the last update.

    • I lost all network connections due to this sh*t! Don’t be a smart guy just because it didn’t happen to you!

  2. Patrick Dark on

    I just got a message saying updates failed to install, then was presented with a list of two updates: this one (KB3015438) and one for AMD High Definition Audio Device. (I downgraded from AMD Radeon Software to AMD Catalyst Software this morning.)

    My system also locked up this morning with nothing but the mouse cursor working and I had to forcibly shut it down with the power button. I wonder if this update is related.

  3. I just built a new system over the weekend and KB4013429 as well as KB4015438 both have failed to install, KB4015438 has failed over 10 times. I thought it was my windows installation since I just built my PC but guess I was wrong.

  4. well I manually initiated the update process. But It has been at 95 percent for 4 hours. This happened today on a brand new HP 17.3 inch laptop. Very frustrated

  5. Well, you wanted to be able to stop updates automatically, here you go. With this one clogging the pipe, that’s one (albeit unorthodox) way to stop Windows Updates. Haha! Now you will have to manually install them to get the process to flow again…

  6. This Update has failed four times on my HP Pavilion G7 laptop. Downloads and goes through the steps but issues a failure message each time.

  7. Microsoft update website unavailable for 3 days, so cannot download and update manually. Update failed to install 4X, no good reason. 3 other computers updated fine.

  8. Two days ago I downloaded the cumulative update KB4015438. It installed correctly and after restarting my laptop (ASUS S400c) it has become unresponsive and the the network adapters are not working correctly.
    After signing in it takes about 4 minutes for the windows start button to respond. regular background apps do not load and there is no internet connection. Tfe wifi adapter doesn’t work (Intel AC7620), the Ethernet port either.
    After a day of trails and errors I found that uninstalling all of the network adapters and connecting my laptop directly to the router with a cable I managed to get internet connection but it loses it after a restart.
    I need help!

  9. Well on my system the Settings are messed up. I cannot get to Personalizations to change the theme. The cursor just sits in the Find A Setting box and won’t move. On something this complex (3 reboots and 50 minutes) I won’t dare try to uninstall it right now…

  10. Gerard white on

    Good old Microsoft, how could you trust them with an enterprise update. Not the 1st time they have messed up like this

  11. If you are having trouble installing KB4015438 keep trying. I’ve just got the “!?##! thing to download AND install correctly at the 9th attempt. Hours wasted on failed attempts.

    But as well as keeping trying take my advice and start switching your computing to Linux. I am doing, I’m fed up with Microsoft update incompetence. So far I’ve been using Lubuntu, a very easy Linux distro for Windows users to get to grips with, for about 6 months and the experience has been absolutely painless.

  12. KB4015438 failed to install numerous times on 4/10/17. I think MS finally gave up. It never did install.
    This afternoon KB4015217 and KB4018483 successfully installed. Hopefully KB4015438 was included with one of them.

  13. Same thing as user JORGE happened to me. This update failed to install. I wasn’t even aware it tried to install, I never got any messages. I was connected to the internet via cable, two days later I wanted to connect via wifi and it was disabled. After uninstalling, wifi connection vanished completely and never came back after more than 15 attempts of installing the latest drivers for Intel wireless AC7260. I tried to reset all via cmd netcfg -d and now I have no internet connection, no wifi, no ethernet… They are present in Network adapters in device manager, but not in network connections…

  14. Same thing here with the wifi / network adaptors. I was about to pull the wifi card out of this laptop, because I thought it was physically broken

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