Microsoft update muddle continues as its latest KB4015438 for Windows 10 fails to install

Microsoft is known for its buggy updates and the if user reports are to be believed, its engineers have not learned anything from the past. Microsoft recently released the new cumulative update ‘KB4015438’ for Windows 10 version 1607 (Anniversary Update). However, as expected, Microsoft’s inept update handling continues with the latest KB4015438 update for Windows 10 like its predecessors.

According to some reports on Microsoft Community forum, the KB4015438 update issued by Microsoft for Windows PCs and laptops fails to install. However, there is no clarity whether the update gets an error or it just takes forever to complete.

To make matters worse, the new patch is also causing problems, which was in fact supposed to address the problems experienced by the previous cumulative update (KB4013429).

One user explains, “Previously, the problem was with KB 4013429, but after some days and Four Hours wasted, finally it is replaced by KB4015438. HOWEVER, the new one begins to fail again!”

As of now, Microsoft has not provided any workaround for this problem. If you are not facing any problems, then in that case KB4015438 is likely to have installed correctly with the process running correctly in the background. However, if your system is freezing during the install, then it is advisable to wait as the process is likely to take more time than expected.

In addition, you can also try downloading cumulative update KB4015438 manually, which is already available through Windows Update. You can run a manual check for the update by going to Start > Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update. All you need to do is point your web browser to Microsoft’s Update Catalog to run a fix.