Why gamers are licking the new Nintendo Switch game cartridges

Why do Nintendo Switch gamers keep licking their video game cartridges?

While Nintendo is leaving no efforts to make the mega launch of its Nintendo Switch gaming console, many gamers who already have managed to get their hands on the gaming console aren’t busy playing the latest games or testing out the console’s unique format. Instead, they are licking the Nintendo Switch cartridges!

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Actually, they are licking the games because the gaming cartridges are bitter! Nintendo it seems has coated the Nintendo Switch cartridges with a chemical called denatonium benzoate. Now, denatonium benzoate is used by many companies as a rat poison and also an antifreeze. Many companies coat doll and other toys with denatonium benzoate to deter small tots from licking or chewing the toy. Parents use denatonium benzoate based solutions to deter nail-biting addiction among their wards.

Why exactly is Nintendo using denatonium benzoate in Nintendo Switch cartridges and why exactly are gamers licking the cartridge?

Nintendo has coated the Nintendo Switch gaming cartridges as a safety measure to stop small children and pets from eating the cartridges. While there is no adverse health effects from consuming denatonium benzoate, it does leave a sour, bitter taste. And the bitter taste lasts for hours together according to some of the gamers who have been licking Nintendo Switch cartridge.

It seems that gamers are doing exactly opposite of what Nintendo intended. To be more accurate, people are licking the game cartridges that come with the Switch in an exact reversal of what Nintendo intended to happen.

In fact, there is a Twitter war out there among whose Nintendo Switch cartridge tastes more bitter!

Strange are the ways of the world!!!

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