OnePlus 5 confirmed, leaks hint at 8GB RAM, dual rear cameras and more

OnePlus’ Teaser Confirms Summer Launch For OnePlus 5

Probably the biggest beast of a smartphone expected to be released later this year is the OnePlus 5. The certainty of this release was fueled when OnePlus CEO Lau Pete confirmed that the company is working on a new phone and that it will be the next flagship device for the company. Cementing this news even more, is the teaser the company has just released on the Chinese social networking site Weibo.

What about OnePlus 4?

This flagship device will be succeeding the popular OnePlus 3 & OnePlus 3T devices of 2016 in the flagship range. With these devices gaining recognition as the best phones of the year across the globe, the expectation for the follow up flagship are obviously sky-high. Though a lot of you might be asking, shouldn’t the device be called OnePlus 4? The number 4 is considered unlucky in OnePlus’s home country – China as it is associated with death. Therefore, the company was widely expected to skip the number. With the teaser released recently, the company has confirmed that the device will carry the number 5.

Rumor Roundup

With such expectations, it was obvious that the leaks and rumors of the device will also hit sky-high levels. And as expected, the rumors for the device are already doing the rounds. One thing we should note, is that the number of rumors of this device is reaching levels generally reserved for iPhones and Galaxy Notes. Thus cementing the phone’s reputation as a flagship. Although the phone is set to be launched some time this summer, the rumors give us a pretty fair idea of everything there is to know about this device. So let’s round them all up in one place.

Display : The phone is expected to maintain the 5.5 inch display as on the previous device – OnePlus 3T. Though there is glaring lack on clarity on this news, the display is widely rumored to stick to 1080p – again the same as OnePlus 3T. Also it is not yet clear if the phone will have the LED IPS display or OLED.

Processor: This specification is a little easier to guess. As with all its previous flagships, the OnePlus 5 is expected to come with the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon processor which in 2017 is the 835 – just like the recently released Galaxy S8. The Snapdragon is built using 10nm and is the most powerful processor from Qualcomm for this year and that just add more credence to this belief.

Software: The OnePlus 5 should come out with Andorid Nougat 7.1.1 out of the box. The previous devices run on a skinned version of Android- Oxygen OS. So expect the same on the OnePlus 5. In China, it might run the Hydrogen OS.

Storage: The OnePlus 5 is expected to come with two variants in internal storage – 64GB and 128GB. This again, is exactly like the last device OnePlus 3T. We do not expect the company to go beyond 128 GB so soon either.

Camera: This is one specification of the device that is more or less confirmed. The device is expected to launch with a dual camera setup on the back. It is rumored to sport a dual camera setup on the back for better photos as well as effects such as Blur & Portrait – as seen on the iPhone 7 Plus. On the front, it is expected to sport the same 16 MP camera like its predecessor. There are no more confirmed details on this front, but there is a possibility of the device sporting a telephoto lens like the iPhone 7 Plus

RAM: The phone is expected to launch with two RAM variants in 6 GB & 8 GB. Our money however, is on the 8 GB version being the only variant based on the rumors so far. However, that might change from between now to launch date.

Battery: OnePlus 5 will come with 3400mAh battery set-up like the OnePlus 3T with one slight difference between faster charging. The newer device is expected to charge at least 25% faster than its predecessor.

Design: Unfortunately at this point of time, we have no absolute details about the design of the product with the only rumor being a photo that has surfaced online a few hours ago. Although this photo confirms the dual camera setup, its hard to tell if the photo is genuine. Therefore, we will hold off on speculating about the design at the moment, although it’s a safe bet to assume that the design will be similar to the last year’s flagships. The phone is also expected to have a front placed fingerprint scanner therefore, people hopeful of a bezel-less design might end up being disappointed.

Launch & Sale Date: With the social media tease, the device is confirmed to be a summer launch. When we consider the amount of information already available about this device, the phone is expected to be officially launched no later than June with the shipping of the device also expected to begin in June.

Price: Last but not the least, the device has been spotted with a price tag of $449 on OppoMart. We have no other source to verify if this is true or just a speculative number at this point. So we will have to wait for the official announcement to confirm this.

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