Movie streaming website GoMovies aka 123movies shifts to to evade Google DMCAs

It’s raining DMCAs as Google is getting stricter with torrent movie download links as well as movie streaming websites. One such casualty of Google DMCAs is the popular movie streaming site GoMovies (123movies). However, the admin of GoMoviews has decided to play smart and change the URL as well as the domain to evade further action by Google.

GoMovies which was earlier known as 123movies had changed its URL to GoMovies after a similar copyright related issue. Now GoMovies has changed its name and will be operating from The GoMovies admin has said that they will not list any copyright related links on the homepage. The change comes right after the site’s previous homepage was removed from Google following a takedown notice.










If you visit the newly launched GoMovies website, you will notice that the homepage doesn’t contain any movie/tv series links. It offers a plain vanilla Google-type search box which users can use to search for their favorite movie.

With the death of Putlocker many new and old movie streaming websites are suddenly seeing a spurt in viewers. One of the advantages that movie streaming websites have over traditional torrent download website is their ability to provide on-demand videos to users. GoMovies currently uses about 7+1 servers to serve content to visitors.

With an Alexa ranking of 334, GoMovies is hugely popular. It receives 9 million viewers daily. With such huge popularity come the pains of being a piracy website. DMCAs, copyright infringements, Media companies and anti-piracy activists make life hell for admin of such sites. GoMovies is also facing the same issues. It had to change its name to GoMovies from its earlier avatar as 123movies. Now again it has changed its domain name to avoid DMCAs and copyright complaints.

GoMovies was forced to change its domain name after homepage was removed from Google’s search engine following a takedown notice from Warner Bros. While GoMovies has changed its domain name and homepage to avoid DMCAs, the logo and all other references to the site’s name remain intact.

Interestingly Google is not listing GoStream when you search for GoMovies. Perhaps the proxys and clones of the previous version are bugging Google algorithm.