Intel’s 12-core i9 7920X to run slower than 10-core 7900X

While AMD’s Ryzen Threadripper has created excitement and curiosity in the market before its launch next month, its rival Intel, on the other hand, has quietly updated the base clock speed of their upcoming 12-core Core X-series processor, the i9 7920X that is scheduled to appear in a month or so.

What is shocking that the Core i9 7920X will have a base clock of 2.9GHz, which is 400MHz slower than the Core i9 7900X that comes in at 3.3GHz, reveals the price list posted by the company. While the Core i9-7920X CPU, a 12-core chip with 24 threads will have 16.5MB of cache, the Core i9 7900X, a 10-core with 20 threads will have 1.375MB/core of the L3 cache.

Intel has updated other specifications too for the Core i9 7900X, which includes a Turbo Boost 2.0 frequency of 4.3GHz, a Turbo Boost Max 3.0 frequency of 4.5GHz, support for up to 44 PCI-e lanes, a TDP of 140W and DDR4-2666 RAM. However, the details pertaining to the memory, TDP and PCIe lanes for the 12-core variant have not been confirmed yet.

The Core i9 7920X will come with a price tag of $1,189, which is way steeper than its rival AMD’s Threadripper 1920X that is 600MHz quicker, with a 3.5GHz base clock, and comes for $799. With the Core i9 and Threadripper to be released very soon, let’s wait and see who turns out to be the winner of the cores.

Source: Neowin