After scripts, now hackers leak the Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 4 ahead of its Sunday schedule

HBO F@@ked!!! Hackers leaked upcoming Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 4 “Spoils of War” ahead of its Sunday schedule

After leaking the script of GoT S07E04 “Spoils of War” the hackers today released the entire episode of the same on a Google Drive and a small video streaming website. While HBO has been running helterskelter to contain the aftermath of the hack attack which apparently took place last week, the hacker(s) are making merry by leaking scripts and episodes.

We had reported yesterday that the hackers uploaded the GoT Season 7 Episode 4 “Spoils of War” on their website and which was later carried by many websites. HBO tried to contain the damage by issuing DMCAs to nearly a dozen websites including one to Google but the merry sharing of the leaked script continued.

Today, a Reddit user going by the handle of zmax87 has leaked Episode number 4 from Game of Thrones’s season 7 on Google Drive and, a video streaming website. The episode was uploaded about an hour ago and since then it has already gone viral. Mind you, the GoT Season 7 Episode 4 Spoils of War is due to be aired only on Sunday 6th August on HBO and its affiliated networks.

Redditors commenting on the above thread confirmed that they had watched the entire GoT S07E04 which is of 52 minutes duration and it was legit. They noted that It is watermarked with “For Internal Viewing Only” as well as “(C) 2011 – Star India Pvt Ltd”. The only issue the Redditors had was that the pirated version uploaded on was not in HD resolution which is surprising as the hackers may have had access to the screener versions on HBO servers.

Another thing to be noted is that it is not clear whether zmax87 (Reddit OP) is the hacker who hacked HBO servers. Nevertheless; it’s a massive blow to HBO’s top honchos promise to contain piracy ahead of Games of Thrones release. Readers may remember that hackers had similarly managed to gain access and leak screener versions of several episodes of Game of Thrones Season 6. However, after the initial leaks, HBO came back strongly and contained leaks so much so that even EZTV the premier TV serial torrent site of that time was not able to leak GoT Season 6 episodes even after they were released. Ditto for The Pirate Bay which also couldn’t leak the Season 6 episodes for download.

The only thing that readers should note that the print quality of the leaked episode is pretty shoddy and it would be worthwhile to wait until Sunday when HBO airs the original episode. Also kindly be careful of malware laden websites which may claim to have the leaked GoT episode.


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