There is a gaming hotel in Taiwan for game lovers

Missing your gaming PC while on vacation, no problem! This hotel in Taiwan has the perfect room for you to do gaming.

While bed, TV, fridge and Wi-Fi connectivity are the basic common amenities that a hotel offers its customers during their stay, i hotel located in the Taoyuan district, which is about an hour’s train ride away from Taipei, provides proper gaming rigs in all its rooms for its gamer customers.

The rooms in this hotel come equipped with two gaming PCs with i5-7400 processors and 32-inch screens powered by ASUS. The gaming PCs come with 16GB of RAM and a GTX 1080 Ti GPU. To make your gaming experience a memorable one, two DXRacer gaming chairs are also provided. Once you are done with gaming, you can sit back and watch your favorite channels on a 46″ inch TV screen provided in the room.

Each room costs an average of $100 a night. However, for those who are only interested in gaming there, the hotel has hourly rates starting at $12 per hour during weekends, to $75 for 15 hours.

Check out the walkthrough video (in Chinese) below that will give you a sneak peak about the hotel.

Source: Mashable