Huawei claims that it can do better than Apple’s Face ID

Huawei’s new facial-recognition technology could be 10 times better than Apple’s Face ID

From the time Apple’s premium flagship iPhone X has been launched, it’s Face ID recognition feature has been in the news ever since.

Recently, Bkav, a Vietnamese security firm, challenged Apple’s Face ID unlock technology by using a 3D mask made of stone powder, with glued 2D images of the eyes and tricked its authentication system to unlock the device proving that Face ID is not an effective security measure.

For those unaware, Apple has replaced its Touch ID in iPhone X in favor of Face ID, which uses the TrueDepth camera system on the top of the display to unlock the device. Face ID can also be used for authentication, payments, accessing securing apps and be used with Apple Pay as well.

Now, in a release event in China for the new AI focused Honor V10 phablet, Huawei has claimed that it can do a better job in comparison to Apple’s Face ID feature while teasing their own facial recognition technology.

Huawei’s depth-sensing system is similar to Apple’s TrueDepth camera system though with one exception that it uses a combination of infrared and a projector to create a 3D map of your face. The 3D sensor captures 300,000 points in 10 seconds, which is 10 times greater than the data points captured through iPhone X’s Face ID.

According to the Chinese company, it takes only 10 seconds to create the 3D model of the person with the detailed information. Huawei also claims that their technology is not only secure enough for payments but is also extremely fast. Once perfected, it will take just 400 milliseconds to unlock the phone, Huawei claims.

Additionally, Huawei also showcased Apple’s Animoji replica claiming that its animated emojis are more advanced than Apple’s. For instance, besides mimicking facial expression it can also detect when a user is sticking out their tongue.

It is still unclear when Huawei plans to roll out the technology and on what devices it was planning to launch it. However, the Chinese company has made it known to the world that they are working on a facial recognition technology that is 10 times better than Apple.

Source: India today

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