Android P might include native function to record calls

Android P: The next version of Android to offer call recording support

While call recording functionality has existed within Android over the years, Google often places restrictions on developers’ access. To use the call recording functionality on Android, one needs to install a third party application, as the system itself does not allow call recordings directly.

However, the latest commits which are available in AOSP (Android Open Source Project) site since February 2 indicate that this could change with Android P (or Android 9.0), the next iteration of Android’s operating system.

Apparently, some codes refer to the existence of “call recording tone”, which means Google is likely to integrate call recording capabilities. The codes reveal the support of a 1400Hz frequency tone that will be played every fifteen seconds to warn the other person in the conversation that a recording is in progress. The note indicates that the sound will be added to the outgoing audio stream so that the party on the other side can hear it.

“The tone itself is said to be of the 1,400Hz variety, meaning people of all ages should be able to hear it without any issues, with one of the commits referring to it revealing that it’s meant to be played every 15 seconds while the conversation is being recorded, presumably as to remind the person who didn’t initiate the recording that it’s still participating in one,” the report says.

In this way, the recording function will “meet regulatory compliance requirements,” cites commits note. However, each country may set different rules for privacy protection. As a result, the commits have implemented a feature that will allow the carriers to decide whether or not they want the call recording and the sound to be heard every 15 seconds.

“Adding carrier configuration option to specify whether the carrier requires the incall recording tone be played,” reads the information available on one of the commits.

Currently, it is unclear whether Google will new provide APIs (application programming interface) that will allow developers to integrate the call recording functionality into their apps. However, the built-in Android P feature is likely to work with recording apps after getting the required permissions, as noted in the commits.

Google will be announcing its next version of Android operating system, Android P, at the Google I/O Conference to be held later this year.

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