Hackers convert the Nintendo Switch into a functional Linux tablet

Nintendo Switch turned into a Linux tablet by hackers

Recently, a hacker group named ‘fail0verflow’ had successfully managed to run Debian Linux on Switch by exploiting its boot code. The group had posted a still image on Twitter that displayed the Nintendo console running the Debian Linux distro and user login, along with a serial adapter that was connected to one of the Joy-Con terminal on the right side.

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Now, the same group fail0verflow has converted the console into a full-fledged tablet PC. In a video posted on Twitter, it shows the hacked Switch running a full-on Linux distro with complete touchscreen support, and a fully operational web browser.

It shows that by using the console touchscreen, you can move windows, start applications and enlarge websites. Further, you can also enter texts using an on-screen keyboard. Additionally, the video shows how an installed software manages to calculate complex 3D graphics.

Until date, the hackers have not published any instructions or details on how they proceeded with the exploit. It is only known that the hackers have exploited a vulnerability in the boot ROM grouping. According to the hackers, the exploit cannot be patched via future software or firmware updates and also does not require a modchip. The only way to resolve the problem for Nintendo is to install a new processor in the hybrid console.

Nintendo has not yet commented on the issue so far.

Source: The Verge


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