iPhone X hit by incoming call glitch that doesn’t allows Apple users to accept or decline calls

Apple says it is investigating the ongoing incoming call glitch on iPhone X

When you are shelling out $999 for a premium smartphone, you expect it give you the best experience while using it and yes, that too without any hiccups. Well, it doesn’t seem to be the case with Apple’s iPhone X, at least for some users.

Apparently, some iPhone X owners are lately experiencing a glitch on their smartphones that prevents them from answering or declining incoming calls immediately.

Hundreds of iPhone X owners have taken to Apple’s support forums to complain about some kind of bug that prevents their smartphones to light up quickly when the device starts ringing, reports the Financial Times. The same issue has also been reported by some users via Twitter and Reddit as well, with one user recording the problem.

According to the users, it takes more than 6-10 seconds before they are able to view accept or decline options on the screen. As a result, it’s too late for them to answer calls, potentially leaving to missed or abandoned calls.

While restarting the phone helps for a while, but the problem resurfaces again, said some users. Others said restoring the iPhone X’s original settings also doesn’t seem to resolve the issue.

“I hear the phone ringing, but the graphics on the screen doesn’t change to the phone mode, only after 5-6 rings. Not only I can’t answer the phone, I also can’t see who is calling But only after about 10 seconds,” one forum poster writes.

“To solve this, I need to restart the phone, until it’ll come back again. It doesn’t help to close all the apps. I’ll just add that it is a new phone, not from second hand or something, and I’m far from using all my memory.”

It is unclear how many people are affected by the problem. Apparently, complaints had started appearing only this January, but the problem had started shortly after the launch of iPhone X back in November 2017.

On Monday, Apple said that is investigating the complaints of a possible glitch that is preventing some iPhone X users from answering their phone calls.

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