Don’t Download Fake Fortnite APKs, As It Can Lead To Malware

Beware!! Fake Fortnite APK apps can steal your personal data

First, it was Minecraft and Pokemon Go, and now its the insanely popular video game “Fortnite Battle Royale” that has made thousands of people around the world go crazy. Fortnite is one of the biggest games on the entire planet right now with millions of players visiting the modern gaming platform every day. While the game is currently available for download on Windows, macOS, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and iOS, it is yet to be made available on Android platform as it is still under development.

Last month, Epic Games, the studio behind “Fortnite” had announced that the mobile version of the popular battle royale game would be coming to Android this summer but did not specify the date. As a result, many cybercriminals and scammers are taking advantage of the opportunity and coming out with their own fake and malicious version of the Fortnite game to attract the game’s huge fan base and fool unsuspecting users.

Apparently, unofficial APKs, which is the core file for any Android App have flooded the internet. Recently, a Reddit thread highlighted an advertised video for “Fortnite Android” that was displayed on the front page of YouTube claiming to include links to actual Fortnite APK files. The video explained that Android users would be able to play Fortnite after they “install a few other apps to unlock it.” 

However, the advertisements are a scam with a fake Fortnite APK file attached to it. If unsuspecting users fall for such ads and download the malicious apps on their Android devices, it starts generating revenue for their developers. Not only this, it also allows the malware to access phone logs, contacts and camera; it is also able to make calls, send text messages and even take pictures. It can also activate the device’s microphone, record audio as well as keystrokes, and allow bad actors to perform privileged operations without the user’s interaction or consent. The moment the device is no longer useful, the malware cleans all the data in order to cover its tracks.

“Millions of views on YouTube for fake “How to install Fortnite on Android” videos including links to actual APK files. Don’t install #Fortnite for Android, it’s all fake or malicious! The official app is not released yet. They mostly generate revenue for developers,” Lukas Stefanko, the malware researcher at ESET tweeted.

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We recommended users to wait for the official release of the Fortnite app for Android by Epic Games that is expected to come out this summer. Once the Fortnite app is released, ensure that you download the game only from the Google Play Store or other trustworthy official websites to avoid downloading of fake and malicious apps.

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