Apple’s iOS 12.0.1 software update causing new problems to users

Apple’s iOS 12.0.1 software update creating network and signal connectivity problems, broken calls

There are more reasons for Apple users to complain after upgrading to the new iOS version 12.0.1. Although Apple’s first iOS 12 update solved the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max charging problem, the new iOS version 12.0.1 has brought more problems to users.

After the update, a number of iPhones users are facing problems such as frequently broken calls, network and signal connectivity problems along with issues pertaining to battery life as well.

“Since upgrading, owners of both new and old iPhones are finding their phones either don’t make or receive calls. Bluetooth connectivity, Wi-Fi and battery-related issues are again surfacing on an iOS generation which Apple has promoted as being all about efficiency, stability and speed,” Forbes reported on Friday.

The new iOS version 12.0.1 was released by Apple as a software update that fixed bugs that were causing problems in the new iPhones for not getting charged when connected to a lightning cable, not showing subtitles in video apps and making Bluetooth unavailable.

Among other fixes, Apple has also reportedly addressed the iOS 12 issue with iMessage delivering personal messages to wrong and multiple people.

“Apple has been telling users that iMessage accidentally sending messages to wrong people is actually a feature for iOS 12 and that it is happening because Apple is now organising all contacts by Apple ID, so if family members or friends share an ID now all these messages are shared simultaneously with everyone who has that ID,” the report added.

Recently, Apple also released a minor update for the WatchOS 5 to fix the charging issue and activity-related problems that were experienced by some users.

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  1. My wife and a couple friends have been having issues with the phone losing touch capabilities then developing a mind of its own trying to make phone calls, access web sites, and other random things. My wife even went so far as to make a video of it using an iPad so she has something to show the Apple store when they can’t find anything wrong with the phone.

  2. Since I did the update of 12.0.1 to my iPhone and iPad I can’t get into my aol account. Not sure what to do. It doesn’t recognize the password, or so it says, that I’ve used for over a year. Grr! Very frustrating!

  3. I am having so many issues. So my apps won’t come up. I also have random web pages come up. My FaceTime won’t work. It’s driving me crazy!

  4. Hotspot is also broken in 12.0.1. The screen shows that it’s off so you slide to change it and it shows that it’s on. But it’s never on.

    How can Apple break so many things with a .1 release?

  5. I having issue of sound due to the new ios update. Most of the times the sound goes away and again by restarting the iPhone, sound comes.
    Please help me in resolving this.

  6. My iPad started getting very hot. The cord burst into. Flames at the wall outlet and the lightning socket. It never came on again so I tore it apart and smashed everything in it before I tossed it. A 2 yr old fried. Right under the curtain, good thing I was there using it.

  7. I regretted ever updating the iOS 12. Whenever I mirrored my iPhone to the TV to watch YouTube videos and an advert comes on this message pop up saying “connected to Airplay”
    It stays there and won’t go away and the picture becomes blurry with double images. The only way to escapes it is by turning the off. This’s CRAZY !!
    Any help as to how to remove this annoying thing off my screen?
    Thanks guys.


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