10 Best Indoor HDTV Antennas For Free to View Channels

Cables have become unreasonably expensive, and their service continues to deteriorate. In the age of OTT(Over-the-top) services like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, cable has taken a backseat for the new-age subscribers who watch the shows they like on-demand waits for no advertisements like the olden days.

Several location channels are available for free, and all you need is a working TV with an indoor OTA TV antenna swiveled in the right direction to get the channels on your TV.

What is an Indoor TV Antenna?

It is a new-age antenna that is kept indoors, unlike the conventional antennas that went to the roof. Those antennas required protection from encroachment and other interferences. Old antennas required frequent positioning adjustments, which meant several trips to the terrace.

New-age antennas are kept inside the room, mounted on the TV or beside them, which can be configured, controlled without leaving the entertainment room.

Do you need an Indoor Antenna for TV?

Cord-cutting has come of age, and more people are subscribing to online OTTs while canceling their conventional cable, which was expensive and had limited shows, specials options.

In recent times, many stations like CBS, NBC, TCW, etc. have started airing their channel for free. Many of these stations, along with their sub-stations, broadcast popular TV shows according to the schedule.

There are over 400 TV channels available in the US, which are available for free in various parts of the country. Other countries can find the free to air channels as well by going to Google and typing Free to Air Channels, followed by country name. E.g., If I am searching from the UK, then I will type Free to air channels UK.

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10 Best Indoor HDTV Antennas to Watch Free OTA Channels

1. ANTOP HDTV Antenna Paper Thin AT-133B


Range: 50+ miles
Channels received: Upto 76 channels
Video Support: 1080p FULL HD
Cable Length: 10 feet coaxial cable
Weight: 600 grams approx.
Warranty: 1 year

The indoor TV antenna by Antop is one of the slimmest and lightest antennas available for TVs. It is 0.02inch in width and looks sleek on any surface, and can be kept in the narrowest of space that otherwise would go to waste.

What stands out
– The size of the indoor antenna is phenomenally small as compared to all its competitors in the market. It weighs only 1.3 pounds and has a width of only 0.02 inches.
– Supports all 4K channels on 1080p output, which means that all the new-generation channels can be viewed without any problem.
– The antenna has a paintable surface that can be painted to match the interior of the room, TV unit. Aesthetics go hand-in-hand with the antenna, which can be a part of your DIY decoration at your home. It will blend in with your room.
– It has a 3G/4G signal filter which would block the interference from cellular signals from interfering with your antenna signals for HD channels.

What could be better
– The amplifier can be a tricky proposition for a few users

Check Antop Antenna 

2. AmazonBasics Indoor Flat TV Antenna

AmazonBasics Indoor Antenna

Range: 35 miles
Channels received: Over 70 channels
Video Support: 1080p HD
Cable Length: 10 feet coaxial cable
Weight: 300 grams approx,
Warranty: 1 year(with 30 days product return+refund)

AmazonBasics is a brand of Amazon.com itself, and they are known to offer cheaper alternatives to a lot of products out there. They offer one of the best HD antenna for TVs. It provides the basic functionalities which some people might be looking for. The price matches the features offered by AmazonBasics.

What stands out
– A cheaper alternative to other reputed brands out there and does the primary job well.
– 30-days no questions asked return and refund policy which is not offered by any of its competitors.
– Multi-directional signal receiving, meaning that you would not need to point it in any direction to catch signals.
– Dual colors, with black and white on either side, to match with your interior. The panel can also be painted just like the one offered by Antop.

What could be better
– Reception is sensitive, as reported by some users. The manufacturer should include a detailed manual for helping consumers understand the functionalities better.

Check AmazonBasics Indoor Antenna

3. Winegard FL5500A Indoor HD TV Antenna

Winegard FL5500A Indoor

Range: 50 miles
Channels received: Over 55 channels
Video Support: 4K UHD support
Cable Length: 18.5 feet coaxial cable
Weight: 149 grams approx.
Warranty: 1 year(limited)

Winegard has been in the antenna business for over half a century and has been at the forefront of innovations in the wireless antenna technology. It has contributed to the first successful human-crewed mission to Moon, Apollo 11.

The antenna is pricier than its competitors in this segment and virtually offers the same features, functionalities as well. It is equipped with the latest television system standards and has one of the easiest setups.

What stands out
– Embedded amplifier with low noise(1 db) to enhance antenna performance in all conditions and interferences.
– A 3 feet power USB cable is included apart from coaxial cable for rooms with power outlets that far from the proximity of the TVs.
– 4K UHD channels supported by the antenna, which are being broadcasted. Do keep in mind that the TV should support the 4K picture along with the tuner. If you check all the boxes, then it might be the best HDTV TV antenna in this price range.
– It works flawlessly with Amazon Fire Stick, Chromecast, and other standard streaming devices for televisions.

What could be better
– Reception can be dodgy at times.

Check Winegard FL5500A Indoor Antenna

4. Mohu Leaf 30 TV Antenna

Mohu Leaf30 Antenna

Range: 40 miles
Channels received: Over 80 channels
Video Support: 1080p HDTV
Cable Length: 10 feet detachable coaxial cable
Weight: 255 grams
Warranty: 1 year

Mohu offers a wide range of options in indoor HD antennas for TV, which are sleek like a leaf, which can be semi-folded like a leaf for sticking/mounting to different surfaces. The company boasts of its LEAF ANTENNA technology being inspired from the US military’s advanced anti-mine tech.

What stands out
– Leaf-life form of antenna that can be pasted to virtually any surface. Consumers are sticking it behind their TVs to provide a clutter-free look to the entire entertainment unit.
– It also works for Chromecast, Fire Stick TV through HDMI port. The antenna is connected via the coaxial cable.
– Setup is pretty more straightforward as compared to its earlier models.

What could be improved
– The company claims to provide a multi-dimensional POINT FREE antenna, but it has not been the case. It requires some level of initial positioning to get the best clarity on free channels.

Check Mohu Leaf 30

5. Philips Indoor TV Antenna SDV8311B

Philips Indoor Antenna

Range: 40 miles
Channels received: Over 40 channels
Video Support: 4K UHD, 1080p HDTV
Cable Length: 6 feet cable
Weight: 150 grams approx.
Warranty: N/A

Philips offers two indoor TV antennas. One is shaped like a soundbar but does a poor job in reception, so I have mentioned the other model, which does a pretty decent job in offering free-to-view TV stations.

What stands out
– Superior reception for VHF and UHF based stations in the US.
– Supports all the modern and older TV models.
– It includes a stand for standalone placement of the antenna.

What could be better
– Longer coaxial cable in the box would have been great.

Check Philips Indoor TV Antenna


6. GE UltraPro HD Amplified Antenna

GE UltraPro Amplified Antenna

Range: 55+ miles
Channels received: Over 50 channels
Video Support: 4K UHD support, 1080p HDTV
Cable Length: NO cable provided
Weight: 453 grams approx.
Warranty: Lifetime limited warranty

GE(General Electrics) needs no introduction. It is a multinational conglomerate that spans its products and services in 1000s of sectors across the world. GE Ultrapro is its limited-edition production and it can be considered as one of the best indoor TV antenna available. Build-quality is something you should not worry about from GE products, and their customer service is rated highly by the European and American consumers.

What stands out
– Hover design of the antenna that does not need to be placed in a specially created space. It can be mounted behind, or top of the TV offers a look that blends with the entertainment unit.
– Incredible antenna reception by their digital antenna that provides clearer, crisper HD picture on the TV.
– Award-winning lifetime expert customer support that is available to address customer’s doubts and problems.

What could be improved
– No coaxial cable is provided. Almost all their competitors in the segment provide a standard 10 feet cable as a part of the starter kit.

Check GE Ultrapro Indoor TV Antenna

7. 1byone Amplified Indoor HDTV Antenna

 Indoor HDTV Antenna

Range: 80+ miles
Channels received: Over 70 channels
Video Support: 1080p HDTV
Cable Length: 16.5 feet cable
Weight: 198 grams approx.
Warranty: 2 years warranty(90 days return)

Indoor antenna by 1byone supports UHF and VHF in all regular bands of frequencies that are aired by broadcasting stations. It is compatible with the latest ATSC 3.0 as well and therefore supports all major TVs available in the market.

What stands out
– Better quality coaxial cable is offered in the starter kit. It is a 2.5C 2V cable against the standard 1.5C 2V cable that comes with most of the other antennas. The wire has more copper wiring for added durability, signal reception, and picture clarity.
– 1byone offers a massive 2-year warranty on their HD antenna, which would clear the doubts of fence-sitting buyers who are concerned regarding the reliability and quality of the indoor TV antenna.

What could be improved
– Nothing that I could find apart from the usual channels reception problem, which is typical for all the indoor antennas.

Check Indoor Antenna by 1byone

Long Range Indoor TV Antennas – 100 miles and Above-

There are consumers who required long-range TV antennas of 100 miles range and above. Here are a few of the long-range outdoor/indoor TV antennas.

8. WeGuard TV Antenna

WeGuard TV Antenna

Range: 90+ miles
Channels received: Over 70 channels
Video Support: 4K UHD, 1080p HDTV
Cable Length: 18 feet cable
Weight: 110 gram approx.
Warranty: 2 years warranty(90 days return)

WeGuard HDTV Antenna has an amazingly durable and long-range reception of over 90 miles with an aesthetically pleasing table lamp that goes with other decorations.

What stood out
– Exceptional signal range of 90-120 miles with the advanced and upgraded amplifier. The IC-based signal booster will do a phenomenal job in improving the reception and range of the antenna.
– Signal booster is in-built into the antenna that helps in extending the range of the reception
– The antenna comes with a Switch amplifier that filters out interference and provides single-channel stability, apart from offering HD antenna quality. The antenna can be configured to Short Range and Long Range, depending on the requirements.
– WeOne offers 24/7 customer support for questions, issues, and doubts.

What could be improved
– Nothing unusual that needs to be pointed out.

Check WeGuard Antenna

9. Amplified HD Digital TV Antenna by Gesobyte

 Digital TV Antenna

Range: 120 miles
Channels received: Over 60 channels
Video Support: 4K UHD support, 1080p HDTV
Cable Length: 18 feet coaxial cable
Weight: 340 grams approx.
Warranty: 1 year

This one is the number 1 seller in the Indoor TV antennas category and amongst the best 100-mile range indoor tv antenna currently available in the market. You need to register the product online for availing warranty cover. For some locations, you need to contact them on their Facebook page to avail warranty and send the antenna by post to their address for the RMA process.

What stands out
– Upgraded 2020 booster with a new amplifier for better clarity and more channels for augmenting the HD Antenna reception.
– It works with Roku, Chromecast and other media streaming players for TV
– The antenna offers an impressive range of 120 miles, which is unapparelled in this price segment. Users report an excellent reception in 80+ miles and even more on bright days.

What could be better
– Customer service can be underwhelming at times. Customers need to mail their product for availing warranty physically. Some locations offer support via their Facebook page only.

Check Indoor TV Antenna by Gesobyte

10. Outdoor/Indoor TV Antenna by Forlovv

Outdoor/Indoor TV Antenna

Range: 150+ miles
Channels received: Over 85 channels
Video Support: 4K UHD, 1080p HDTV
Cable Length: 36 feet cable
Weight: N/A
Warranty: Lifetime warranty(90 days return)

This TV antenna is of a hybrid kind. It is amongst the few in the 150-mile indoor tv antenna section that can deliver what they promise. The TV antenna can be used indoor as well as outdoor as it suits the consumer. The built-in cylindrical and looks bulky from the exterior. The antenna can withstand all weathers as it is outdoor-friendly.

What stands out
– Water and Sunlight proof material used on the exterior, which makes it an ideal choice as an outdoor TV antenna as well. It can be used inside as well and can be stickied to any surface with the adhesive strips provided.
– Longest reception in the segment, offering over 150 miles of range.
– High quality 2.5V coaxial cable is included in the box.

What could improve
– A proper channel for custom support would probably seal the deal for many fence-sitting prospective buyers.

Check Outdoor/Indoor TV Antenna

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Most Popular OTA Free Channels

Here is a list of some of the most popular free TV channels networks that broadcast some of their channels for FREE and can be watched using indoor tv antennas.

Nasa TV
Bloomberg TV Asia


Over to You

Finding the best indoor TV antenna for yourself can be a daunting task as there are various generic models of antennas are available that offer exciting features that are not present in competitor’s products, which creates a dilemma in the minds of prospective consumers.

If you know any indoor antenna for TV that should go into the list, then share it with us via the comment section.

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