11 Best Outdoor TV Antennas In 2024 with Buying Guide

Cord-cutting has become the new norm in this era of OTT services like Netflix, Hulu, amongst others. Our favorite TV shows and movies are available on-demand for watching it whenever and wherever we feel like.

Most of these OTTs have started their self produced content which has gained much popularity and has begun competing with the content by, ABC CBS, NBC, etc.

Local over-the-air (OTA) TV broadcasts are available for free to watch, offering channels such as CBS, MSNBC, PBS, PBS kids amongst other popular public channels. Enjoy free to air channels while subscribing to other OTT services.

People are opting for an indoor TV antenna or outdoor antenna to watch these free OTA channels. So below we have mentioned the best long range outdoor OTA TV antennas that you can buy and use even in rural areas.

Best Outdoor TV Antenna for your TV

Choosing the best outdoor TV antenna can be a difficult task, given the number of options available in the market. Here is a compilation of the best antenna for TVs, focusing on the outdoor characteristic.

  • Vansky Outdoor TV Antenna
  • Five Star Outdoor Amplified Antenna
  • Tree New Bee Amplified Antenna
  • ANTAN Outdoor Antenna – ANT751E
  • GE Pro Attic Mount TV Antenna 29884
  •  Vansky Digital Pre-Amplified Outdoor TV Antenna
  • 1byone Omnidirectional Outdoor Antenna
  • Pingbingding HDTV Antenna Amplified
  • Antop Outdoor TV Antenna AT-402
  • Clearstream ECLIPSE Amplified TV Antenna

1. Vansky Outdoor TV Antenna Motorized

Range Up to 150 miles
Channels received Over 75 channels
Video Support 1080p
Cable Length 33 feet coaxial cable
Weight 4.4 pound
Working Frequency VHF 40~300MHz | UHF 470~890MHz
Warranty 1 year


Vansky Outdoor Antenna

Vanksy outdoor antenna is amongst the highest rated outdoor TV antenna of the segment. The design is generic in style with a focus on utility.
Vansky also offers 45 days money-back guarantee for customers who are unsatisfied with the product. In the box, you will get a power adapter, coaxial cable, wireless remote and HD TV antenna.

What stands out
– Dual TV output is given. It means that two TVs can be connected with the outdoor antenna and enjoy free channels on both of them. There is no need for a splitter, extra power adapter for the second TV.
– Weather-resistant TV antenna that can withstand virtually all the weather that comes its way. Uninterrupted by changing climates, watch channels like CBS, FOX, ABC, PBS, etc.

What could be better
– No pole is included in the package. The customer has to purchase the mount separately, preferably from Vansky.

Check out Vansky Outdoor Antenna


2. Five Star Outdoor Amplified Antenna

Range Up to 150 miles
Channels received Over 75 channels
Video Support 1080p
Cable Length 33 feet coaxial cable
Weight 4.4 pound
Working Frequency VHF 40~230MHz | UHF 470~860MHz
Warranty 1 year


Five Star Outdoor Antenna

Homes with multiple TVs would certainly reap benefits from this HD TV antenna. It supports 4 TVs with a single antenna, with the help of a TV splitter, which is shipped in the box.All in all, it is a wholesome package and is amongst the best outdoor TV antenna for long ranges receptions as well.

The range of signals on this one is the longest on our list. Five Star is offering one of the best long range outdoor tv antenna in this segment.

Apart from a TV splitter, the box also contains a J pole for mounting the outdoor antenna. A wireless remote and 15-piece clips for coaxial cable is also included in the package, as a part of the installation kit.

What stands out
– Six built-in reflectors to improve signal reception quality. The manufacturer claims that reflectors help improve HDTV image quality by over 25%, while 40% for VHD HDTV quality.
– An antenna mounting J pole is included in the box so that the customer would not have to struggle with an additional purchase.
– The operational range of 200 miles with a 360-degree rotating antenna provides an enhanced reception from TV stations that are based far away. The motorized antenna rotation means that you wouldn’t have to climb up to swerve the direction of the antenna manually.

What could be better
– The motorized antenna is reported to be malfunctioning for some users.

Check out Five Star Outdoor Antenna

3. Tree New Bee Amplified Antenna – Outdoors

Range Up to 150 miles
Channels received Over 75 channels
Video Support 1080p
Cable Length 33 feet coaxial cable
Weight 4.8 pound
Working Frequency VHF 40~300MHz | UHF 470~860MHz
Warranty 60 days warranty(extension plans optional)


Outdoor TV antenna

This outdoor TV antenna is one of the cheapest antenna available in the market. With the long range, it is amongst the best outdoor TV antenna for rural areas.

The box contains coaxial cable, rotor remote, rotor box, HDTV antenna, power supply for the rotor box and an amplifier.

What stands out
– Full motorized setup for the antenna’s adjustment. A different remote to control the rotation of the antenna, not requiring manual re-adjustments.
– Dual TVs are also supported in this antenna. Watch TV and movies shows on two different TVs without the need for a splitter.
– Wide range of frequency support for both VHF and UHF
What could be better
– A better and comprehensive warranty plan should be offered by default to the customers.

What could be better

– A longer warranty period would certainly instill confidnece in the minds of the prospective consumers.

Check out Tree New Bee Outdoor Antenna

4. ANTAN Outdoor Antenna – ANT751E

Range Up to 75 miles
Channels received Over 45 channels
Video Support Up to 8K support
Cable Length 32 feet coaxial cable
Weight 3.3 pound
Working Frequency VHF 174~216MHz | UHF 470~698MHz
Warranty 1 year


ANTAN Outdoor Antenna

This antenna delivers free channels in the quality that meets the standards set by the CEA(Consumer Electronics Association). The small looking antenna provides better and cleaner free channels like CBS, FOX News, etc. than the large antennas that have more extended range.

What’s included in the box is two power adapters, one for the antenna and another one for the signal booster. A coaxial cable, cable clips and the tree-shaped antenna can also be found in the box.

What stands out
– The aesthetically beautiful looking antenna blends well with the exterior look of the house. The antenna is shaped like a Christmas tree, giving a Christmas-y vibe all year round to terrace or attic, where you set it up.
– Signal booster is included, which feels necessary to boost the signal reception to get a significant number of channels.
– Built-in 4G and 3G signal filter that helps reduce the noise of cellular networks that would otherwise interrupt the reception of TV channels signals.

What could be better

– Wider VHF frequency band support can certainly help amp up its desirability.

Check out ANTAN Outdoor Antenna

5. GE Pro Attic Mount TV Antenna 29884

Range Up to 70 miles
Channels received Over 80 channels
Video Support Up to 4K support
Cable Length Not provided
Weight 3 pounds
Working Frequency VHF 169~216MHz | UHF 450~806MHz
Warranty Lifetime(limited)


GE Outdoor Antenna

General Electronics(GE) needs no introduction when it comes to brand image and trust. The Pro Attic TV antenna can be mounted to any mount, apart from the provided pole.
The box has a J pole for the antenna, a manual, outdoor HD antenna and bolts to fix the mount.

What stands out
– The compact design of the outdoor antenna helps save much space. Some customers install it inside in the attic as the size is pretty small and takes almost no space.
– Award-winning customer support consisting of trained professionals and experts. The support is available 24*7, depending on where you are calling from.
– Build quality is top-notch, and the antenna can withstand harsh weathers throughout the year

What could be better
– An inclusion of coaxial wire would have sealed the deal for some users. Its competitors are offering cable in the box.

Check out GE Pro Attic Antenna

6. Vansky Digital Pre-Amplified Outdoor TV Antenna

Range Up to 150 miles
Channels received Over 60 channels
Video Support Up to 4K support
Cable Length 33 feet coaxial cable
Weight 4+ pounds
Working Frequency Standard(variable)
Warranty 1 year


Multidirectional Outdoor Antenna

Another Vansky Outdoor Antenna in the list because of the features that it offers. This mail-box looks alike outdoor TV antenna has an in-built mechanism to improve signals reception when needed.

It is a strong contender in the list of the best omnidirectional outdoor tv antenna. Customers have put their trust blindly in this multi-directional antenna
The box has a thicker coaxial cable, antenna, wireless remote, and a TV splitter.

What stands out
– Superior Uti-UV-ray protection coating on the antenna. It helps protect the antenna from extreme weather in areas with a hot climate.
– 2 TVs can be connected with a single antenna. A TV splitter is included for connecting watching free channels on two different TVs. A power adapter is not required for the second TV either.
– An in-built amplifier that enhances the signal reception from broadcast stations in the proximity of the antenna. No need to install external signal amplifiers to boost signals.

What could be better
– Mount for HDTV Antenna is not included. Customers need to purchase it separately.

Update – We have updated the link with the newer model with the same or better features.

Check out Vansky Preamplified Antenna

7. 1byone Omnidirectional Outdoor Antenna

Range Up to 60 miles
Channels received Over 60 channels
Video Support Up to 4K support
Cable Length 20 feet coaxial cable
Weight under 3.3 pounds
Working Frequency VHF 87.5~216MHz | UHF 470~862MHz
Warranty 1 year


longrangeOutdoor Antenna

Next in the list of the best outdoor antenna is Omni Directional antenna by 1byone. The antenna is omnidirectional, which means that it does not need to be rotated in any direction. It will receive signals from all directions.

The box includes a standard coaxial cable, the antenna, power supply box, an optional 5V power adapter, USB power cable, and the user manual.

What stands out
– An omnidirectional antenna is one of the most significant plus points of this antenna, as already mentioned. Let antenna adjustment become a thing of the past.
– All weatherproof with an anti-UV coating is also included to withstand all weathers.
– Tools-free one-time installation. Once installed, it does not need to touch again for any adjustment.

What could be better
– Mount could provide more directional options.

Check out 1byone’s Omnidirectional Antenna

8. Pingbingding HDTV Antenna Amplified

Range Up to 60 miles
Channels received Over 50 channels
Video Support 1080p
Cable Length 40 feet coaxial cable
Weight 2 pounds
Working Frequency VHF 170~230MHz | UHF 470~860MHz
Warranty 1 year


HDTV Antenna Outdoors

HDTV antenna by Pingbingding is selling like hot-cake amongst the customer and has a significant chunk of positive reviews. This digital outdoor antenna scores big on affordability and features.
The box contains the SG6 level coaxial cable, antenna, wireless remote, J-pole for mounting and a control box.

What stands out
– A built amplifier is inside the antenna, for boosting signal reception to catch signals from broadcast stations situated far away.
– An easy-lock VHF reflector to enhance signal reception. Snap-lock elements can be adjusted to increase reception.
– It also supports 2 TVs without an amplifier or an additional adapter.

What could be better
– No rotation indicator for the motorized rotator. It rotates in a random direction.

Check out Pingbingding’s Outdoor Antenna

9. Antop Outdoor TV Antenna AT-402

Range Up to 60 miles
Channels received Over 50 channels
Video Support Up to 4K support
Cable Length 40 feet coaxial cable
Weight Under 4 pounds
Working Frequency VHF 87.5~230MHz | UHF 470~700MHz
Warranty 1 year


Antop Outdoor Antenna

Antop is a big player in the TV antenna segment. They provide both indoor and outdoor TV antennas. This antenna looks stylish, compact and can be mounted on the balcony as well if required.
The shipped box contains the antenna, power adapter, cable, screws and user manual.

What stands out
– It can be mounted on a PVC pipe as well unlike some of the popular outdoor antennas available.
– Built-in 4G, LTE filter to reduce noise and interference from different cellular signal towards and devices.
– Multi-directional signal reception is possible without the need to touch the antenna. Amplifiers are not required either.

What could be better
– A pole included in the package would have been a better deal.

Check out Antop Outdoor Hybrid Antenna

10. Clearstream ECLIPSE Amplified TV Antenna

Range Up to 50 miles
Channels received Over 60 channels
Video Support 4K ready
Cable Length 15 feet coaxial cable + 5 feet USB cable
Weight 2.2 ounces
Working Frequency Standard(variable)
Warranty Lifetime


Clearstream Eclipse Antenna

Antennas Direct’s Clearstream antenna is a rather an unconventional take on the take on the antennas in the exterior department.

If you are looking for a antenna that goes with the exterior of your home, then this is arguably the best outdoor TV antenna for you.
The manufacturer ships the box containing an antenna, power adapter and a user manual.

What stands out
– Hybrid form factor which can be used indoors and outdoors. The antenna is a sticker like a shape, which can be pasted to a windowpane as well.
– Paintable antenna surface. The surface of the antenna can be painted, decorated according to your choice, to match with the surrounding aesthetics.
– Very light-weight. You can carry it around the country and plug-in to a TV, and you are golden. Another remote is not required either to operate it.

What could be better
– The adhesive surface stickiness wears off over the time, as reported by some of the users. The company could do something in this department.

Check out Clearstream Amplified Hybrid Antenna

11. Five Star TV Antenna Outdoor Yagi Satellite

Range Up to 200 miles
Channels received Over 65 channels
Video Support 4K ready
Cable Length 40 feet coaxial cable + 20 inch mounting pole
Weight 2.6 ounces
Working Frequency Standard(variable)
Warranty 1 Year


Five Star Outdoor Antenna

Raking up good reviews on Amazon and Newegg, Five Star antennas have made a name for themselves. They are amongst the most value for money HDTV outdoor antennas. 

The packet box has a 40 feet long coaxial cable along with a 20-inch mounting pole. They advertise it as being used indoors as well, but we highly doubt that. You can install it anywhere on the outside, walls, roof, or above the attic. 

What stands out
– A Yagi structure antenna that provides strong reception in remote areas as well. Thanks to the 200 miles range, watch HD channels while being away from the noise of everyday city life. Enjoy over 40 dB. of signals on the roof, which is 1 foot in distance. 

– Enjoy over 65 HD channels like FOX, CBS sitcoms, sports, and kids programs. Receive up to 4K signals without requiring any additional installation.

– Connect up to 7 different TVs to the same antenna. Split the cost, and the is far more value than any other outdoor antenna around.

What could be better
– Loses signal in seemingly poor weather. Watching it in winters can be daunting in some regions with consistent overcast and heavy snow. 

Check out Five Star TV Antenna Outdoor Yagi Satellite

Most Popular OTA Free Channels

Here is a list of some of the most popular free TV channels networks that broadcast some of their channels for FREE and can be watched using outdoor tv antennas.

Nasa TV
Bloomberg TV Asia

Clear Your Doubts – FAQs

1. Indoor vs Outdoor antenna – Which one is better for me?

One of the most sort out questions in the mind of consumers is the decision between buying an outdoor or indoor antenna.

Indoor antennas are lightweight, small in size. They can be mounted behind a TV or on the window of a room. Indoor antennas can be carried around as well in different parts of the country.
Such antennas receive an ample amount of channels in the areas where the broadcast towers are nearby.
The biggest downside is the weaker signal strength and obstruction due to less height. Signals reception is on the weaker side because of walls, doors and other obstacles, part of it because of the lower elevation of antenna mounting position.

On the other hand, outdoor antennas enjoy the higher signal reception due to more massive build. They come in handy in the countryside where broadcast stations and their towers are several miles away.
TV viewers who live far away from the cities should start looking for the best outdoor TV antenna to catch free HDTV channels.

The thumb rule is, the bigger the antenna is, the reception will be better. Their relative strength is measured in the surface area of the antenna, which means more “gain” meaning more decibels received (dB). Higher the decibels rating means better signal gain.

They are generally mounted to the attic or roof, apart from occasional balcony stints.

2. Directional vs. multi-directional TV antennas

Directional TV antennas receive or pull signals from one direction alone. On the other hand, multi-directional(and omnidirectional) antennas can pull signals from multiple directions
These kinds of antennas come in handy if you are living in a secluded area, away from the urban areas, housing these broadcast stations.

Generally, directional antennas come with a motorized rotor to rotate the direction of the antenna to receive signals from different directions.

Directional antennas can work in one direction and therefore work for longer distances if the desired stations in one direction and within 20 degrees apart from each other.
This way, these antennas avoid multiple noise distortion coming from airplanes, satellite signals, and other wireless equipment.

Meanwhile, multi-directional and Omni-directional reap the benefit of reception from multiple directions, irrespective of the position of the TV stations.
The only downside with these antennas is the multiple noise distortion due to the reflection of the real signals.

You can use the TV fool website or FCC site to locate the broadcast tower’s direction near you. It will help point the antenna in the right direction.

3. Do I need an amplifier?: Amplified vs Non Amplified TV antennas

Amplified are like the jetpacks for your TV antennas. Indoor TV antennas generally include them to boost their signal reception.

Outdoor antennas users often use preamplifier(or preamp) between their TV and Antenna to convert weak electric signals into sharp noise-reduced signals.

Install the amplifier externally if only the need for it is felt. Otherwise, it may increase the noise in the reception of the signal.

4. How many TVs work with a splitter

Many outdoor antennas generally offer up to 2 TVs on a single antenna, without requiring a splitter.
For additional TVs, you will need preamplifiers(preamps) or distribution amplifiers. Not using amplifiers would weaken the signal as more TVs are connected than specified initially for the antenna.

A secondary antenna is always an option if amplifiers are not providing the desired results on multiple TVs, apart from getting one big capable outdoor antenna.

5. Difference between UHF and VHF

UHF stands for Ultra High Frequency while VHF stands for Very High Frequency. TV stations today prefer VHF bands for standardized content while UHF for High-definition programming.

In any case, if you are not picking up channels from the local broadcast near your house, then make sure that your TV antenna supports VHF or UHF(or ideally both as offered by some of the modern manufacturers).

6. How to boost outdoor TV antenna signal?

You can boost outdoor TV antenna signals by following some of these evergreen methods. The key is to keep on A-B testing to see what works out for you.

i) Install Antenna Rotator

Different TV broadcast stations might be 30 degrees or apart from each other. It would be best to swerve the antenna in another station’s direction to enjoy clearer reception of the desired TV channel.

Install an antenna rotator on the pole of your antenna in such a manner that weight is distributed in an even manner, allowing free rotation by the motor.

ii) Get Your Reception Amped up

Install amplifiers to reduce the noise in weak electric signals and provide a clear picture, audio quality of TVs.

There are two types of amplifiers. First is the preamplifier and the second one is a distribution amplifier

While the first one comes in handy for boosting the quality of signals for coaxial cable 50 feet or longer, the latter helps with splitter based connections allow multiple TVs on an outdoor antenna.

iii) Increase Elevation of Antennas

Ideally, the outdoor antenna should be in the line of sight of the broadcast tower. If that is not the case, then your antenna might be a victim of obstructions and obstacles like buildings, mountains, etc.).

Elevate the outdoor antennas to a height which is free from all kinds of obstacles for betting signal pull.

iv) Ensure Insulation of Wires

Coaxial cables shipped with antennas by some companies are generally not the most reliable in terms of durability.
Check and replace rusted, eroded coaxial cables to ensure effortless signal transmission from antenna to the TV.

Weather-proof coaxial cables and grease for the metal parts would certainly notch up the lifespan; and efficiency of your antennas.

v) Install Surge Protectors

Thunderstorms and static charge on the antenna equipment are always an uninvited guest.

Install a surge protector to protect all your antenna equipment from power surges of any kind. Otherwise, any repair would be heavy on the pockets.

Over to You

So these were some of the best outdoor TV antennas according to consumers and their reviews. Let us know if any other outdoor antenna deserves a spot in this list.

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