‘Dolby On’ App Comes To Android, Adds Twitch Integration On iOS

Dolby on Thursday released its music and video recording app, Dolby On for Android users. The app is already available to iOS users.

Dolby On app allows users to record audio and videos in ‘superior high sound quality’ using nothing but their phones.

The app uses some of Dolby’s tech to enable things like noise reduction, compression, stereo widening, spatial audio, limiting, analysing music recordings and automatically applying the right EQ and more for the high-quality sound it promises when recording audio/video with the Dolby On app.

According to Dolby, while the app is primarily designed to help musicians, it also helps anyone who works with audio and video online and wants to record high-quality sound on their phones.

Besides the launch of Dolby On for Android devices, the company also added Twitch support for the app on iOS so that you can live stream to from either Twitch or Facebook Live with Dolby-enhanced audio.

It should be noted that you won’t be able to stream to Facebook and Twitch at the same time. Also, this feature is not yet available on the new Android app.

“Musicians are taking up streaming to connect to fans globally, and Dolby wants to make sure every stream has incredible sound quality,” said Philip Nicol, Director of Corporate Strategy and Development at Dolby Laboratories.

“By adding Twitch to our list of live streaming options for Dolby On, our free app, any artist can sound great – even without a home studio or expensive microphone.

You can now download the Dolby On app for free from the App Store and the Play Store.

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