Skype’s ‘Meet Now’ For Video Calls Requires No Sign Up Or Download

Skype, one of the oldest video-conferencing app, has ‘introduced a new feature ‘Meet Now’ in its latest version that allows users to join cross-platform video conferences without having to sign up for an account or download the Skype software.

Announcing the changes on Twitter, Skype says that users can generate their free unique link with one click, share it with participants and enjoy unlimited meetings with Skype.

The Meet Now feature in Skype allows you to easily set up a collaboration space and invite both Skype contacts and friends or family who are not on Skype. Participants can then easily join meetings whether they have an account or not.

How To Set Up A Meeting On Skype?

To start your meeting, you need to select the Meet Now button. You will get a call link and a Share invite button to easily invite others.

Once you are ready, set your call to audio or video and select the Start call button. You can also create a meeting directly from the web.

How To Join A Call With Meet Now Invitation?

The unique Meet Now link will open your installed Skype app on any device. Even if you are not signed in, you can join the call or chat as a guest.

If you don’t have Skype installed on your desktop, it will open Skype for Web client for your convenience. If you would like, you can install Skype on your device as well.

Skype will allow users to hold your call recordings for up to 30 days and media shared in the chat even longer, according to Microsoft. Up to 50 participants may be invited

You can directly create a free Skype meeting on any device by clicking the new Skype page here.

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  1. To hold a meeting on skype without any problems, you need to make all the settings in advance and choose a place where no one will bother you.


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