Amazon Prime Video App Is Now Available On Windows 10 PC

Amazon Prime Video is one of the most prominent content streaming services in the world. Nifty features like 4K Ultra HD content, numerous exclusive titles, mobile downloads for offline viewing, multiple accounts support, availability on multiple mainstream platforms, help this media-services provider standout from the crowd.

Recently, the Amazon Prime Video app was spotted on the Microsoft Store. Well, now Amazon officially launched the full-fledged prime video client for Windows 10.

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Amazon Prime Video for Windows: Features & User Interface

At first glance, the UI of Amazon Prime Video for Windows 10 looks almost similar to the web-version of Prime Video. That said, there are some UI elements that differentiate them. For instance, the store, channels, and download sections are located on the left side of the screen and they share a resemblance with the iPadOS version of the app.

Amazon Prime Video

The video-playback is similar to the web-version of the service and the player will allow you to change the subtitles & audio, adjust the video playback quality, and control the volume.

This application also gives access to the scenes, in scene, cast, music, and trivia information of the title that you are watching.

One of the major benefits of Amazon Prime Video for Windows 10 is that unlike the web-version you can now download content for offline viewing. This app also allows users to adjust the download quality based on their preferences.

Lastly, the overall design aesthetics of the app resemble the Windows design language.

Amazon Prime Video For Windows Minimum Requirements

OS: Windows 10 Version 17763.0 or higher
Architecture: x86, x64, ARM

Amazon Prime Video Direct Download Link

Amazon Prime Video For Windows

As mentioned earlier, the Amazon Prime Video can be directly downloaded from the Microsoft Store.



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