Twitch is THE destination for watching video game streams online. It is a platform designed for gamers to showcase their skills, and passion for games of different genres.

Often, a video clip on Twitch catches your eyes. It is so hilarious that you want to share it with your gaming friends.

Sharing a video on the message is more comfortable, and let’s be honest, opening a link feels hectic at times.

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Best Ways to Download Twitch Videos

Download your VODS on Twitch

According to platform policies, Twitch auto deletes your videos in 14-60 days(depending upon Regular, Prime, or Partners membership) if you are a Streamer on the platform. You can save and download your VODS (Videos on Demand) in the following manner:

  • Enable Broadcasting Auto-Archiving by going to Creator Dashboard > Channel settings > Hamburger menu(?) > Preferences > Channel.Alternatively, visit your profile icon from the main site, which is located on the top right side of the webpage > Settings > Channel & Videos > Stream Key & Preference > Toggle archiving settings
  • Download Videos Main Drop Down Menu > Video Manager.

Download Third-party Twitch VODs

You can visit one of the following websites, enter the URL of your video, and download Twitch clips.

1. UnTwitch

UnTwitch is the first tool to download Twitch videos through the URL. You can use download videos in all the available resolutions, as posted originally on Twitch.

UnTwitch Video Downloader

Apart from downloading full videos, you can trim down and download shorter duration videos as well.

It can work as a Twitch clip downloader with the feature of cutting down the video for downloading

Moreover, users can download the audio-only version of the Twitch VOD as well.

Ads on the site are minimal and would not be intrusive for the users while trying to download Twitch videos.

Visit UnTwitch

2. Clipr

Clipr is a reasonably easy Twitch VOD downloader. You can backup your Twitch videos with one click.

Clipr Twtich Videos DownloadYou can download a maximum of a 1-hour clip at once. Therefore, for longer duration clips, consider diving the video into smaller parts of an hour or less.

Users need to paste the link, just like any other downloader to save that Twitch clip.

Visit Clipr

3. KeepVid Twitch VOD Downloader

Another Twitch VOD downloader on the list has to be KeepVid. The user interface is on the more accessible side than others, while the features are similar.

Keepvid Twitch VOD downloaderUnlike the previously mentioned Twitch video downloaders, this one does not provide the feature to trim down a Twitch clip.
Additionally, it enables users to download Twitch videos to phone directly without needing any particular smartphone app.

Visit KeepVid Twitch VOD Downloader

4. Twitch Leecher

Behold the veteran of downloading Twitch videos. It is an open-source, free way to download Twitch videos.

Twitch Leecher VOD DownloaderYou will need to install before going on a download spree. Users can download multiple Twitch videos in one go.

There is a search box inside the software itself. It can search for Twitch videos by channel name, video ID, direct URL.
Additionally, you can narrow your search results by setting filters such as publish datelast 10 VODS, Only today.

Note – This software requires .NET Framework 4.8 or above installed on Windows 7 SP1 or above.

Download Twitch Leecher

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Over to You

These were some of the best ways to download Twitch videos for free.

You can use any of the Twitch VOD downloader mentioned above for downloading any clips on the platform that are set to public by the streamer.


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