Google will be shutting down its Search’s Q&A feature on April 30th, the company revealed by updating a Google support page.

In other words, users will no longer be able to see the Q&A section while performing searches on Google.

For those unaware, Q&A section (also known as “ask and answer”) is a small section on the search results page that displays the questions and answers that the users have created on Google Search.

It also shows some related questions as well with their answers below the Q&A section.

According to a report by Android Police, Google will also be removing the questions and answers contributions made by the user from “your contributions” page on June 30th.

However, it will allow all its users to download all of the questions and answers asked by them until June 30th.

“To download a copy of your questions and answers you’ve contributed, visit Google Takeout and select “Search contributions” to create a record of all your contributions, including your questions and answers, by June 30th,” said the updated support page.

To download all your questions and answers, you will be required to use the Google Takeout service.

Visit the Google Takeout service. Then, sign in to your account and choose the “Search contributions” option. This will create a record of all of your contributions including the questions and answers.

Once the record is generated, you will be intimated via an e-mail along with a download link for the same.


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