Snap’s Next Generation of Spectacles Brings Augmented Reality To Life

Snap, owner of the photo messaging app Snapchat, on Thursday introduced its next generation of Spectacles, the company’s first pair of glasses that brings augmented reality (AR) to life.

The lightweight display glasses are meant for augmented reality creators to reimagine the way people communicate, live, and explore the world together through AR experiences built-in Lens Studio.

“Over the years, our journey building Spectacles alongside the creator community has been one of exploration, learning, and fun.

We’ve used every iteration as a building block, opening the door to a whole new dimension of AR,” TeamSnap said in a blog post on Thursday.

“Spectacles tap into our human senses of sight, touch, and sound to bring Lenses to life.”

The new Spectacles features dual 3D waveguide displays and a 26.3-inch diagonal field of view.

Lenses feature 15-millisecond motion to photon latency, and the display dynamically adjusts up to 2000 Nits of brightness to explore AR indoors or outside.

The device runs on Snap’s own Spatial Engine, which leverages six degrees of freedom and hand, marker, and surface tracking.


They also equipped with 2 RGB cameras, 4 built-in microphones, 2 stereo speakers, and a built-in touchpad to help Spectacles detect objects and make the AR experiences interact better with the real world.

Further, Spectacles weigh just 134 grams and have a battery life of around 30 minutes. The Qualcomm Snapdragon XR1 Platform unlocks the maximum processing power within Spectacles’ lightweight, wearable design.

The glasses also connect directly to Snapchat’s AR Lenses and are fully integrated with the Lens Studio platform. Through Lens Studio, creators can wirelessly push Lenses to Spectacles for rapid testing and iteration, in real-time.

The temple’s touchpad helps creators interact with the Spectacles display and launches the Lens Carousel.

The right button activates Scan, understanding what’s in the field of view and suggesting relevant Lenses based on the world around you. Voice Scan also empowers creators to say a command to launch Lenses, completely hands-free.

The left button captures 10-second Snaps of Lenses overlaid on the world, so creators can send Snaps right from Spectacles.

The new Spectacles are not available for sale right now.

However, Snap creators can request a pair of the new glasses via the company’s website.

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