Users who have just shifted to Windows 11 should know about this issue that has been confirmed by Microsoft.

Display colors on monitors with HDR appear slightly off as Windows 11 has some issues with the color profiles adjustment. Windows users are reporting whitish or yellowish images on white backgrounds when using any kind of image editing apps.

Microsoft has officially acknowledged the issue on their knowledge-base website.

After installing Windows 11, some image editing programs might not render colors correctly on certain HDR displays. This is frequently observed with white colors, which could display in bright yellow or other colors.
This issue occurs when certain color-rendering Win32 APIs return unexpected information or errors under specific conditions. Not all color profile management programs are affected, and color profile options available in the Windows 11 Settings page, including Microsoft Color Control Panel, are expected to function correctly.

What’s the solution?

The jury is still out on this one as Microsoft is currently “investigating” the issue. They are actively working on a resolution and will come up with an estimable solution by late January.

We will keep an ear to the ground and let you know about the solution as it comes up. Watch this space for a possible solution to Windows 11 Display issue.


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