Apple Fixes Bug That Recorded Your Conversations With Siri

The latest version of iOS namely iOS 15.4 beta 2 was recently released and it fixes a bug that may have recorded interactions with Siri on some devices.

According to reliable reports, the bug recorded the interactions regardless of whether you opted out of the service. Apple has admitted the existence of this bug and has successfully patched it now in iOS 15.4 beta 2.

It’s worth noting that the bug was first introduced in iOS 15. This bug automatically enabled the Improve Siri & Dictation setting on both iPhones and iPads.

Once this setting is enabled it gives Apple the permission to record, store, and review your conversations with Siri.

Apple has confirmed that all the recordings that were collected due to a bug in the system have been successfully deleted. Additionally, Improve Siri & Dictation setting has been turned off for many users with the iOS 15.2 update.

In a statement, Apple told ZDNet,

“With iOS 15.2, we turned off the Improve Siri & Dictation setting for many Siri users while we fixed a bug introduced with iOS 15. This bug inadvertently enabled the setting for a small portion of devices. Since identifying the bug, we stopped reviewing and are deleting audio received from all affected devices.”

Despite acknowledging the bug Apple hasn’t shared details about how many users were affected and has not even shared the figure for the number of phones that were affected.

We advise our readers who use an iOS device on a regular basis to update to iOS 15.2 or whatever the latest version is available as soon as possible.

Do share your thoughts and opinions on the aforementioned bug in the comments section below.

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