Ninja Legends Codes: Free Coins, Chi, and Ninjitsu (March 2024)

Those who love to play Ninja games definitely love Ninja Legends as this is one of the most popular games in Roblox. There is good news if you are one of them. We have curated a full list of all the Ninja Legends codes that can provide you free coins, chi, and ninjitsu in Ninja Legends.

Keep reading this article to find out all the active Ninja Legends codes.

Ninja Legends is a Roblox-based game developed by Scriptbloxian Studios. In this game, you have to train ninjitsu and buy swords. If you have higher ninjitsu than your friends, then you are more powerful as well.

We are going to mention all the codes for Ninja Legends with separated categories. Let’s jump into the list of Ninja Legends codes without wasting time.

The same Ninja legends codes are working in September as well.

Ninja Legends Codes In Roblox (Active 2024)

Shard Codes

  • epicturrets450Get 300 Shards
  • powers500Get 500 Shards
  • bossbattle300: Get 300 Shards
  • Firstplanet250: Get 250 Shards
  • epicturrets: Get 300 Shards
  • waterfall500: Get 500 Shards
  • newgame500: Get 500 Shards

Coin Ninja Legend Codes

  • epictower350: Get 350 Coins
  • treeninja400: Get 400 Coins
  • shurikencity500: Get Coins

Auto Train

  • 15 Minutes of Auto-Training: epictrain15
  • 15 Minutes of Auto-Training: roboninja15

Gem Codes

  • 500 Gems: Using code christmasninja500 will get you 500 Gems.

Chi Ninja Legend Codes

  • Chi: desertninja250
  • Chi: legends200m
  • Chi: zenmaster15K
  • 50M Chi: innerpeace5k
  • Chi: skyblades10K
  • Chi: silentshadows1000
  • Chi: darkelements2000
  • Chi: omegasecrets5000
  • Chi: ultrasecrets10k
  • 750 Chi: elementmaster750
  • 1,000 Chi: secretcrystal1000
  • 750 Chi: skymaster750
  • ??? Chi: legends700m
  • 500 Chi: dojomasters500
  • 750 Chi: dragonlegend750
  • 500 Chi: zenmaster500
  • 500 Chi: epicelements500
  • 500 Chi: goldninja500
  • 500 Chi: goldupdate500
  • 500 Chi: legends500m
  • 500 Chi: senseisanta500
  • 500 Chi: blizzardninja500
  • 500 Chi: mythicalninja500
  • 500 Chi: legendaryninja500
  • 500 Chi: shadowninja500
  • 500 Chi: epicflyingninja500
  • 500 Chi: flyingninja500
  • 500 Chi: dragonwarrior500
  • 300 Chi: swiftblade300
  • 100 Chi: fastninja100
  • 250 Chi: epicninja250
  • 750 Chi: masterninja750

Soul Codes

  • 20 Souls: sparkninja20
  • 5 Souls: soulhunter5

Expired Codes

  • 15 Minutes of Auto-Training: autotrain15
  • 500 Chi: epicsensei500
  • Chi: legends100m
  • Chi: chaosblade1000
  • Chi: soulninja1000
  • ??? Chi: legends200M
  • launch100: Get 100 Coins

How To Redeem Ninja Legends Codes?

You got the full list of all the codes for Ninja Legends. Now let’s redeem the codes by following the steps mentioned below:

  • Launch Ninja Legends and click on the blue codes button.
  • Then enter a code inside the “Type Code Here” and press Enter.
  • Hurray! You have received your rewards. Enjoy it.

What Are Ninja Legends Codes?

The developers of the Ninja Legends dispense numerous codes to reward the whole Ninja Legends community. By redeeming the codes, all the players will receive free coins, chi, and ninjitsu.

Those items will help you to increase your ninjitsu rank and power at the same time.


We keep updating the codes as soon as we get new codes. Till now, redeem those codes and enjoy all the rewards.

However, if you are facing any issues regarding the redemption process or you have a new Ninja Legends code, definitely let us know in the comment section below.

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