10 Best Google Snake Game Mods to Use in 2024

We all played the snake game in childhood on our Nokia phones, or a handheld console. Google brought it to the internet along with other hidden games that are on Google.

You can play the Snake Game on PC and mobile through the web browser by typing snake game in the search engine.

But it does get boring to just keep your snake running around the board eating fruits.

You can fun it up by adding some of the best Google Snake Game mods that can add different colors, and functionalities to make the game more exciting to play.

They are a few kilobytes in size and you don’t need technical expertise to load them.

The installation is easy and you can install a snake game mod by importing the bookmark. Then click on the bookmark shortcut to launch the mod in the snake game.

What is a Google Snake Game mod?

A Google Snake game mod, or modification, is a version of the classic Google Snake game that has been altered or enhanced in some way.

Mods can range from simple changes, such as altered graphics or gameplay mechanics, to more complex additions, such as new levels or game modes.

So here are the best Google Snake game mods that you can use to hack the game.

Best Google Snake Game Mods

1. Google Snake Menu Mod

The Menu mod developed by DarkSnakeGang is an excellent choice for those seeking the best Google Snake game mod.

This comprehensive mod enhances the classic game in multiple ways, letting you add new characters, adjust the speed, change the map and background, add new objects, and remove walls from all edges.

You also tweak the speed and movement of the characters. By installing this single snake game mod, you can access all of the customization options available for the Google Snake game.

Download Google Snake Menu Mode

2. Dark Mode Mod

best Google snake game mod

The dark mode is becoming the new standard amongst the people who use it for long hours. It is soothing to the eyes and lets you use the screen for a longer time. You can do the same with this Snake Game mod which changes the color of the board and snake to dark.

The dark mode mod for the Snake Game lets you change to a dark mode by just pasting the code in the developer code console in the browser.

You can also add custom color schemes for every element of the Snake game by adding the RGB color code. From the walls to the sky, you can change the color of every element.

Download Google Snake Dark Mode Mod

3. Animated Colors for Google Snake

best Google snake game mod

Bring colors to the Google Snake game with this mod. Up the aesthetic quotient and have fun with different colors.

You can change color of the snake and background patterns. It also lets you set the frame rates. Use the shortcut key j to get the dashboard for changing the colors.

While the modification enhances the game’s visual appeal, it is not advisable for individuals with photosensitive epilepsy. However, if you do not have this condition, you can safely utilize this Google Snake game mod to incorporate a vibrant rainbow backdrop into your gameplay.

Download Animated Colors for Google Snake

4. Change Board Size

Walls are constraining and limiting in a Snake game. You can change the board size with this Snake game mode to move endlessly in any direction.

With this unpolished modification, you can alter the size of the platform that your snake can navigate. In addition to that, you can also change the color of the tiles to dark in the game.

Keep in mind that some dimensions of the board can become difficult to win because of the excessive distance given to the snake. Make sure not to change the board size to a size that would be too difficult to reach.

Download Change Board Size Mod

5. Time Keeper Mod for Google Snake

best Google snake game mod

Snake Game doesn’t keep score so you can use TimeKeeper mod to measure time and clock a personal best. Others can compete to stay for a longer time in the game. You can keep track of everyone’s personal best time, number of attempts, and more.

The game’s timer is displayed at the top of the window, and you can switch between various game configurations by clicking on the gear icon. This added feature introduces an extra level of challenge beyond simply surviving.

As you progress and become more skilled at the game, accidental deaths become less frequent, and the focus shifts to endurance. In this stage of gameplay, dying is no longer just a matter of chance but a test of your persistence. Beyond a certain point, the amount of time you can survive becomes more critical than the number of apples you collect.

Download Time Keeper Mod for Google Snake

6. Mouse Mod

best Google snake game mod

Arrow keys are good but a mouse is better for controlling the snake. Use this mouse mod for the Google Snake game to control the snake with your mouse pointer. Say goodbye to the keyboard.

Move in any direction without being confined to linear movements with the keyboard. The snake moves in the direction of the mouse pointer. Check for the aimtrainer in the menu to make sure that the snake jumps to the pointer.

Download Google Snake Mouse Mod


Someone wondered how to make it more difficult and then came up with the idea of making the snake invisible in the game.

AIYIWOWTGLW, a weird acronym for As If Your Internet Went Out, is a mod where you can’t see the snake as it moves around the board so it is a guessing game to guide the reptile.

We have to rely on sounds to estimate the movements and see if the snake is eating fruits to progress in the game. The walls can become a bigger problem here so you can remove them through the next Snake Game mod which we will talk about.

Download Invisible Snake Mod

8. Wall-EndgameSooner

Remove the walls in the Snake game with this mod so you can wander around in any direction without the risk of ending the game. You can club with AIYIWOWTGWL and TimeKeeper snake game mod to create an interesting challenge.

The only way to lose here is by touching the snake’s own tail, which will happen when it becomes too big after eating all the fruits along its way.

9. Google Snake Input Counter Mod

Google Snake Custom Menu Mod is another modification of the classic Snake game. It adds new features and game modes to the original game, but with even more customization options.

This Google Snake game mod lets players to create their own custom Snake game by choosing from a wide range of skins, backgrounds, and game modes. Players can also adjust the speed of the game and the size of the playing field.

10. Google Snake Toggle Deathscreen

This Google Snake game mod lets you play without having to restart the game every time you crash into a wall or your own body. It basically removes the death screen that appears after you crash, so you can just keep playing and trying to beat your high score.

Normally, when the snake crashes, a death screen appears, and the player has to restart the game from the beginning. However, with this mod, the death screen is removed, and the player can keep playing without interruption.

How to Use Google Snake Game Mods

Here is how you can use Google Snake Game Mods and play games in the browser.

1. Head to a Snake Game Mod’s page in Google Chrome. We take Mouse mod as an example for this tutorial.

2. Click on the file ending with “.html” to download it in your browser. Its is “googlesnakemousemode.html” in this case.

install snake game mod

3. Use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + O to open the bookmark manager. Click on the three vertical dots button on the right of the screen.

install snake game mod

4. Click import bookmarks from the menu.

install snake game mod

5. Locate and open the Html file you downloaded in the second step.

install snake game mod

6. Head back to the bookmark manager > imported. You will see the opened mod file there.

install snake game mod

7. Open the Snake game by searching for snake game on Google.

8. Open Snake Game’s settings by clicking on the cog wheel.

install snake game mod

9. Go to the bookmarks from the three vertical dots menu of Chrome. Head to Bookmarks > Imported > Mouse Mode

The Snake game mod you loaded earlier will appear in the imported folder.

install snake game mod

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What is the highest on Google Snake?

The highest score set on google snake games is 256 points. You can try to beat the high score with the help of the Google Snake game mods.

You can get mods on the Google Snake game by first adding them as bookmarks to the browser and then opening them after launching the game.

Over to You

These were the best Google Snake Game mods to add new game modes and features to the gameplay.

Some Snake Game mods may stop working so we will update the list when that happens.

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