Microsoft on Tuesday officially unveiled the Windows 11 22H2 Moment 2 or the February 2023 update.

This Moment 2 update brings many highly anticipated features, including the Phone Link for iOS, a searchable Task Manager, a tabbed Notepad, a Bing AI-powered Chat integrated directly into the Windows search bar, and much more.

While all the above features sound very impressive, Microsoft has apparently shipped the buggy software of Notepad to this Stable Windows 11 release. This bug has been existing ever since an update to Notepad (version 11.2212.33.0) for Windows 11 was released in January 2023.

Back then, Microsoft had said, “We are aware of a couple of issues that may impact your experience with this preview. Some users might encounter issues with certain keyboard shortcuts, and we will also continue to optimize performance to ensure Notepad continues to meet our high standards of performance, reliability, and compatibility.”

The same bug has been rolled out in the new tabbed Notepad for Windows 11 Stable users via an update from the Microsoft Store. This was pointed out by Rafael Rivera on Twitter where he said that the “Alt+F, X” shortcut is broken for the new tabbed Notepad.

The shortcut, which is meant to close the current new tabbed Notepad, instead tries to close all Notepad windows, which is certainly not good news for users who heavily work on Notepad. Before closing the application, it even displays dialog boxes enquiring whether want to save changes to your work.


Apparently, the bug is available on an older version of Notepad too. In order to bring the issue to Microsoft’s notice, Rivera has posted the problem on the Feedback Hub. You can upvote it here.


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