Stellar Cyber Introduces InterSTELLAR Partner Program For Resellers to Fast-Track Open XDR Solutions

Stellar Cyber has made a name for itself in the XDR space.

Their unified Open XDR platform has been helping companies to keep their sanity amid the increased number of cyber threats, a high number of security solutions to guard complex architectures, and large volumes of data incoming from the protective tools.

Now, Stellar Cyber is introducing a novel opportunity for distributors and resellers of the Open XDR platform — offering them more than a product.

The new InterSTELLAR Partner Program aids businesses in tackling some of the critical issues in cybersecurity today — such as bridging the skill gaps for cybersecurity professionals and assisting to secure their vulnerable infrastructures.

What should you know about Stellar Cyber’s InterSTELLAR Partner Program, and how does it aid businesses that want to protect their most valuable assets and secure the trust of their clients and customers?

The InterSTELLAR Program Overview

Where did the need for the new program stem from?

“Partners have told us their customers want more than a product — they need a partner that can help them solve big problems,” said Randy Johnston, Vice President of Channels at Stellar Cyber.

As an answer to the customer demands, Stellar Cyber introduced the InterSTELLAR Partner Program that facilitates MXDR/MDR Customer Acquisition with provided:

  • SDR for specific accounts
  • Ideas for campaigns
  • Sales tools
  • Marketing collateral library
  • Sales Performance Incentive Funds for both 
  • Lead sharing opportunities

This is not a complete list of all that is made accessible with the new Program. 

Another important benefit of the program is the training.

Providing Training and Education

Partners that participate in the InterSTELLAR Partner Program can be awarded a 5-STAR certification. To get there, they have to obtain additional certifications and participate in training provided by Stellar Cyber.

“We are thrilled about being a 5-star InterSTELLAR partner as we aggressively move into cybersecurity services,” said Jeff Kremer, Manager, Business Development/Partner Management at Pomeroy. “The program helps train our people and ensures that we offer real value to our customer base, which in turn means we are seeing faster ROI. This is why we will be winning new business with Stellar Cyber in 2023.”

Cybersecurity has a steep learning curve. The industry is rapidly evolving, and there is always something new to pay attention to. Now both resellers of the Open XDR technology and security experts can keep up.

“The opportunity around cybersecurity-as-a-service continues to grow, and demand for XDR is on the rise as more and more companies look to channel partners to help them become more secure and digitally fit,” said Don Scott, Director, Emerging Business Group, Advanced Solutions, Ingram Micro. “Stellar Cyber’s new program provides the training, enablement, and flexibility channel partners need to confidently grow and expand their cyber practice — earning them more business with existing customers and attracting new ones.”

Bringing First-Class Security Solutions to Companies

When it comes down to it, security comes down to protecting customers (their data) and continually improving defenses (prompt threat detection and response). Stellar Cyber’s Open XDR platform has been designed to do that exactly.

This is where the InterSTELLAR Partnership Program enters the picture — giving resellers all the tools, strategies, and training they need to transform businesses and bring value to their customers.

Many companies have already hopped on board.

“We are very enthusiastic about working with Stellar Cyber and becoming a 5-star InterSTELLAR partner,” said Kelly Leazenbee, Vice President of Strategic Alliances at Sayers. “The InterSTELLAR program helps us deliver world-class solutions and services – it’s simple, channel-centric, and will help us to continue meeting the needs and priorities of our customers – winner!”

Abhishek Kumar Jha
Abhishek Kumar Jha
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