Edge’s Built-In VPN Will Offer 5GB Of Free Data

With the addition of several new features, the built-in Windows 11 Web Browser i.e. Microsoft Edge is getting better with time.

Almost a year ago we reported that Microsoft Edge Will Soon Offer A Free VPNWell,  Microsoft is now actually offering 5GB of free VPN Data to everyone using Edge.

Microsoft is calling its VPN service “Secure Network.” Similar to any traditional VPN service, Secure Network offers circumventing restrictions, reduces risks when using public networks, prevents tracking, masks your location, and much more.

However, unlike a traditional VPN, you can’t choose the country on Secure Network. Also, the amount of data offered is quite minimal. Consequently, we advise you to use the Edge VPN network only when you are connected to a public or unknown network.

The 5GB data limit will reset every month. Microsoft has clearly stated that Edge Secure Network is not intended to be used with streaming services.

Commenting on Secure Network Microsoft announced,

Secure Network is a built-in VPN that can help secure your network connection from online hackers, protect against online trackers, and keep your location private. You’ll get 5GB of free Secure Network data each month when you sign in to Edge with your Microsoft Account.

Opera is another mainstream web browser that offers a fully functional built-in VPN.

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Anubhav Tyagi
Anubhav Tyagi
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