12 Best Chinese Movie Sites (Free) in 2024 (With English Subtitles)

Movies are a great source of entertainment for many, to the extent that they have a vast collection of movies.

Even OTT platforms these days offer many movies from different film industries, languages, nations, and regions.

Chinese movies are very popular on the internet for their diversity and stories depth.

This is because China is the home of the largest movie and drama production houses in the entire world.

These Chinese movies are available in popular genres including action, drama, horror, war, animation, horror, history, and biography.

So, if you are a fan of Chinese movies or wish to practice Mandarin (the official language of China), then you have come to the right place.

Here, we’re providing you with the best Chinese movie sites to watch Chinese movies for free online with English subtitles.

Best Chinese Movie Sites

  • Bilibili
  • YouTube
  • Netflix
  • Baidu
  • Youku
  • CCTV
  • WeTV
  • iQiyi
  • Mango TV
  • Tencent Video
  • Asiancrush
  • Prime Video

1. iQiyi (Free/Paid)

Iqiyi Logo

iQiyi is a great way to watch Chinese movies. Launched by Baidu in 2010, the website offers a vast library of Chinese as well as international content.

Many say that it is the Netflix of China. On iQiyi, movies are distinctly categorized as either free or paid, while TV series are typically free up to a specific episode.

You will get up to a minute-long ad as a free viewer to stream Chinese movies here.

Also, if you can bear ads in between Chinese movies and TV shows, then it’s a great app.

With the paid subscription, you can enjoy an ad-free experience with high video quality.

iQiyi also provides its own produced content on its platform.

Pros Cons
Exclusive iQYi content and priority access to latest movies and shows for members Too many ads for free users
Download Chinese movies to watch on the app Some content is restricted as per respective location
Wide Chinese movies library

Visit: iQiyi

2. Netflix (Paid)

Netflix logo

The second on this list is the very obvious – the world’s largest streaming site Netflix.

Netflix has a vast collection of Chinese movies and TV shows. The user interface is simple and interactive.

To find out the movies on Netflix, you can simply search for them in the search bar. Or, can explore in “International Movies” or “Asian Movies” categories easily.

The website offers a paid subscription, and you can enjoy movies or TV shows only after paying the subscription fee.

The subscription plans vary from country to country. There is a free trial here, but it is available in a few regions, owing to submitting your payment information.

Pros Cons
Simple user-interface No free account
A vast library of Mandarin movies Not available in China
Amazing recommendations based on watch history

Visit: Netflix

3. Baidu (Free/Paid)

Baidu logo

Baidu is next on this list with its vast collection of authentic Chinese movies and TV shows.

The site is more like a Google of China, where you can search for anything (including Chinese movies). In short, it’s a search engine (not “only” a streaming site).

So, everything on the Chinese internet related to Chinese movies and TV shows will appear after one search.

The UI is similar to Google.

The only downside we see is, that Baidu is banned in some countries.

Pros Cons
Free search engine to find Chinese movies Not much popular
A vast library of movies Banned in some countries
Availability of many short videos

Visit: Baidu

4. Youku (Free/Paid)

Youku logo

The popular mixture of YouTube and Netflix, Youku is another excellent option for the best Chinese movie site.

There, you can find plenty of Chinese movies and TV shows for free and by paying a subscription fee as well.

The UI is similar to YouTube and you will find yourself comfortable with the interface.

Although, it is banned in some countries. But, still, you can enjoy the website using a VPN.

So, if you’re looking for a mixture of a Chinese version of YouTube and Netflix, Youku is something you can consider.

Pros Cons
Fast Speed for all movies Banned in some countries
Vast Library of content Too many ads
Full-HD video quality

Visit: Youku

5. Bilibili (Free)

Bilibili logo

Bilibili is one of the biggest websites for Chinese movies and TV shows.

According to some stats, it has more than 100 million users worldwide.

Bilibili mainly focuses on comics, anime, and games, while being the biggest Chinese video-sharing website. Users can share, view, and comment on the videos.

The website is just like YouTube where you can find plenty of Chinese culture-based movies, TV shows, short videos, and more.

Pros Cons
Lots of Chinese content Too much ads
Legal to use in most parts of the world Sometimes the website server crash
Live streaming possible

Visit: Bilibili

6. CCTV (Free/Paid)

cctv logo

Next on the list is the CCTV website. It is a China-based broadcaster with the full form of China Central Television.

It offers a variety of channels, ranging from news and documentaries to sports and entertainment.

CCTV also offers a video-on-demand service. It means you can enjoy a lot of Chinese movies and TV shows.

The website is very popular globally. You can even dive deep into the news of China and hot topics related to it.

So, we can conclude that CCTV is a mixture of news and entertainment, and anybody can have access to it as it is legal to watch globally.

Pros Cons
Best for Chinese news No use of English subtitles
Legal to use in most parts of the world
Video-on-demand service

Visit: CCTV

7. YouTube (Free)

YouTube logo

The first is YouTube, which has thousands of movies in Mandarin.

YouTube is not only the second-largest search engine after Google, but, also has a wide variety of Chinese movies.

From classic films to blockbusters, you can easily find Chinese movies here for free.

The user interface is nice on multiple platforms, apart from their website.

You can watch Chinese movies for free on their platform. It even lets you watch them without ads by subscribing to the premium plan.

Many movies are already available in dubbed form with subtitles. This makes it easy for the users to understand movies on their own.

Pros Cons
Free to watch Some movies have a low video quality
Apps available for most devices Some movies are blocked on this site
Rent latest movies

Visit: YouTube

8. Mango TV (Free/Paid)

Mango TV logo

So next on the list is Mango TV. It’s a great Chinese video-streaming platform which is offering content related to Chinese movies, dramas, and TV shows.

Mango TV is known for its popular reality TV show “The Voice of China.” It also produces its exclusive content with the partnership of major studios in China.

Pros Cons
Some of the shows and dramas are exclusively broadcasted on Mango TV Too many ads
Vast library of exclusive content
Great recommendations on the home page

Visit: Mango TV

9. WeTV (Free/Paid)

Best chinese movies site

WeTV, owned by Tencent, is a free TV streaming site with Chinese shows and English subtitles.

You can watch Chinese movies and shows for free and without an account.

One of the standout features of WeTV is the provision of English subtitles, making it easier for non-Chinese speakers to understand and enjoy the movies

It is reliable and has good quality. Besides TV shows, they have live streams, game videos, and popular Tencent comics.

Pros Cons
Free content library available VIP membership with few concurrent users
Apps available for smart TVs
Watch movies without an account

Visit: WeTV

10. Tencent Video(Free/Paid)

Best chinese movies site

Tencent Video is a streaming giant for Chinese movies and TV shows. You will find one of the widest collection here.

From blockbuster hits to indie films, and historical epics to modern dramas, the platform offers a wide range to cater to various tastes.

Most movies on Tencent Video come with Mandarin audio. However, to cater to the international audience and the Chinese audience globally, many films also feature English and sometimes other language subtitles.

As a registered user, you can comment on content, share your favorite movies, and even engage with movie stars or creators during specific events or premieres.

It is available only in China and Hong Kong due to geo-restrictions, so you might need a VPN when accessing from other areas.

Also, you can join their YouTube channel and become a member. They actively upload popular Chinese movies and shows for members.

Pros Cons
English dubbings for many titles Only accessible from China and Hong Kong
Social media feature in the app
Upto 4K video quality for several titles

Visit: Tencent Video


11. Asiancrush(Free/Paid)

Best chinese movies site

AsianCrush boasts a vast collection where you can watch Chinese movies and TV shows.

They offer hundreds of Chinese films that you can stream for free, all complete with English subtitles.

Additionally, their articles on celebrities, cultural insights, and interviews are a delightful read for passionate movie fans.

AsianCrush has a community feel, with user ratings and reviews, helping guide viewers toward top-rated or popular content.

Along with that, you will see a lot of Indie films. As a viewer, you can get exposure to not just mainstream hits but also hidden gems from the Chinese film industry.

Pros Cons
Ad-supported free content with latest releases Inconsistent video quality across movies
Subtitles in multiple languages
A large library of Indi Chinese films

Visit: Asiancrush

12. Prime Video

Best chinese movies site

Amazon’s Prime video has steadily grown its collection of Chinese films. Now you can watch Chinese movies for free, without payment extra.

Most Chinese movies on Prime Video come with English subtitles, and in some regions, other language subtitles are available,

It hosts an array of Chinese movies spanning different genres – from action-packed martial arts films to heart-wrenching dramas, historical epics, and contemporary romantic comedies.

They also offer the latest Chinese movies that have just concluded their theatre run. You can rent them apart from your library and watch it for a long time.

Pros Cons
Zero ads while streaming Annual or quarterly subscription cost
Audio and subtitles in multiple langauges
Xray Option to get inside scoops of the Chinese movies (available for few titles)

Visit:Prime Video


Best Chinese Movies of All Time

  • Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
  • Infernal Affairs
  • Ip Man
  • Hero (2002)
  • Enter the Dragon (1973)
  • Chungking Express
  • In the Mood for Love
  • Farewell My Concubine
  • The Mermaid
  • Happy Together


What is the name of the Chinese movie industry?

The name of the Chinese movie industry is Chinawood.

The most popular Chinese movie site in terms of free content is YouTube, and for paid it is Youku.

Which are the free Chinese movie sites?

YouTube and Bilibili are entirely free Chinese movie sites on the internet.

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