Elon Musk To Launch His Own Email Service, XMail

Elon Musk, CEO of X (formerly Twitter) and multiple companies, including Tesla, SpaceX, and X Corp., is planning to launch an alternative and direct competitor to Google’s most popular email service, Gmail, called ‘XMail.’

The revelation about the email service of the X platform, XMail, came in a recent Twitter exchange in response to a question raised by a member of X’s Engineering and Security team, Nate Mcgrady, who asked, “When are we making XMail?” to which he replied, “It’s coming.”


It appears that the discussion around the proposed XMail started when a manipulated image began circulating on social media platforms, including X, claiming that “Google is sunsetting Gmail” by August 1, 2024.

However, Google Gmail was quick to refute these claims and responded on X by saying: “Gmail is here to stay,” confirming its presence in the email domain.


Musk, who has often been critical of other generative AI (artificial intelligence) tools, has been recently calling out Google’s AI Gemini in posts on X for being “racist and sexist” over alleged racial biases in its AI image generation. He also labeled Google as ‘insane’ and ‘anti-civilization’ for overplaying its hand with AI image generation. Not just this, he has also gone on to share memes made on Google Gemini.

It is Musk’s vision to convert the X social media platform into an “everything app,” and with him now confirming the launch of a new X email service, it has left the tech world abuzz with anticipation and excitement.

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