13 Best Free Apps for Streaming Movies in 2024

Here are the best free apps for streaming movies. You don’t have to pay money or provide payment information for a subscription.

Most movie streaming apps we have covered let you stream content without requiring an account or a sign-in.

You can watch movies of different genres including drama, comedy, action, horror, family, and different languages, and categories on them.

They also offer different language dubs and subtitles so that you don’t miss out due to language barriers.

So, let us take a look at the best free apps for streaming movies on your device.

Best Free Apps for Streaming Movies

Editor’s Choice
1. Filmzie
2. Amazon Freevee
3. YouTube
4. Fawesome
5. Filmrise

1. Filmzie

watch movies for free on Filmzie

Filmzie is the newest entrant in this segment to stream movies for free. All the content on it is free, and you can just launch the app to start watching.

We get multi-language subtitles here. The audio option is generally limited to English. You will encounter a few ad banners and in-video ads, which pay their bills.

There is no buffering, and you can instantly seek forward without a delay. All the movies are high-definition or above, so you can watch them on better displays.

You can also log in through an email or Facebook. This will help you watch the movies across devices, maintain a watchlist, etc.

But don’t worry; their app and website save your watch progress, even without you having to log in.

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2. YouTube

Stream movies for free

Many might not be convinced, but you can watch thousands of movies for free on YouTube. It has a large collection from around the world.

Film studios from different regions often upload their movies after they have had their run across different platforms.

Many channels have amazing movies, some of which are less popular. They also include independent films with unique storylines and plots.

You will also find newer movies on independent channels, so keep an eye out for them.

YouTube also lets you rent popular movies to watch. You put Google Play balance to good use and watch your favorite movies.

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3. Amazon Freevee

free movies app

Formerly known as IMDB TV, Freevee by Amazon is an ad-supported free stream service for movies and TV shows.

It is completely free to watch movies and shows. No credit card is required. Simply log in using an Amazon account to start watching.

In addition to the regular titles, you will find Amazon Studio originals here, with exclusive releases added every month.

And when you get bored of the thousands of movies and shows, you can tune in to 24/7 entertainment channels.

They regularly add new content every month, sometimes the latest episodes from running shows.

Remember that it is not available in all regions. So check the app store to see if it is available in your country.

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4. FilmRise

stream movies

FilmRise is similar to Filmzie, except you can only stream movies for free on the app. You can start watching and need a log-in.

The streaming player is user-friendly on mobile devices. Most buttons are on the screen, with few in the collapsable menu

You can use watch history to resume from where you left earlier. There is a watchlist section to create a list of what you want to watch.

That is not all, you can add any movie to the watchlist by pressing the plus button next to its name. This method works without opening the detailed section of the film.

We found the search function to be underperforming and inaccurate. Manual browsing works the best on the app. The Discover section also houses the latest monthly additions and a separate section for movies.

Everything feels good, but there is no option to download the movies, so you cannot watch them later on the app without the internet.

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5. Fawesome

Free app to watch movies

Over 20,000 movies and shows across 25+ genres are available for free here. Registration or a subscription is not required on this free Netflix alternative

Fawesome has new titles every week, so you will never run out of content to watch. On top of that, discover new content through “Fawesome This Week” and “Best 100” sections.

You will also get personalized movie recommendations based on your viewing history. It even reminds you when your watchlist title becomes available on the app.

There were a few ads while watching, which were not eye-sore for us. They are definitely less annoying than the YouTube ads.

And that is not all. You can also add the app to supported OTT platforms to watch Fawesome content.

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6. Popcornflix

Popcornflix to watch free movies

Popcornflix is a popular free streaming movie app with several hundred full-length feature films to watch.

Here, you can find both top-rated and older movies. The streaming player even lets you select the video quality.

There are a few ads, but nothing will affect your viewing experience. You can select genres and categories through blocks on the screen.

A few of the movies are region-locked, so you won’t be able to stream them if you live outside the permitted area.

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7. Plex

Plex free movies app

Plex started as an app that lets you stream content from your private server. Now, it also lets you stream movies for free, supported by advertisements.

When the 1000+ movies don’t feel like enough, you can add your own content. It works through the home server, and you can stream on any device from anywhere over the internet.

Plex also lets you add movies and shows to watch from your OTT subscriptions. You can watch them here without ever needing to switch.

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8. Roku Channel

stream movies for free

Now, we have a free movie app that is a one-stop for one of the most diverse collections of content. You will find a special category of sports and 3D films here.

Just head to the Roku Channel section to start watching movies for free. Currently, the channel on the mobile app is only available in the US

On the Roku channel, you can watch movies and TV shows through the live programming. If you hover over a movie, you will see a short summary of the storyline and plot.

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9. Kanopy

watch movies for free on Kanopy

You can watch Kanopy’s free movies if you have a library card from a library that works with them. After logging in, you can stream many free movies on your device without any ads.

Use the college finder to see if your local or university/college library has made Kanopy available to its pupils.

Kanopy also has a kid’s section designed just for children’s movies. It is on the menu. It only shows movies suitable for kids; you can add parental controls if required.

You will find hundreds of award-winning and thought-provoking documentaries on the app along with the movies.

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10. Crackle

Crackle movies for free

Crackle has one of the largest movie collections, which you can watch for free. Like other apps, there are ads, but the premium library makes up for the viewing disturbance.

The app’s search bar is not that good. Keep your searches simple, and you should rely more on categories.

Also, remember to check the exclusive weekly releases. You don’t need to log in to watch movies, but you can save your progress settings.

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11. Tubi

Free movies app

Tubi also lets you watch movies on the app without requiring a sign-in. Tap on a movie thumbnail to see more information about it.

Top movie titles are added every month, and you can watch them on different devices with a single free account. Many readers recommend their Only free on Tubi section with exclusive movies on the app.

Tubi also produces original content, which you will find in the exclusive section. The watchlist section shows your show’s progress and shows how many episodes you have watched.

There are also Tubi kids, with content focussed on the little ones. It has password protection, plus your personal watchlist won’t be affected.

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12. Pluto TV

Watch movies for free

Pluto TV has a live-streaming movie channel that is currently playing. You can watch movies on live TV channels and through the on-demand section.

There are 27 exclusive movie channels to keep you binging all week long. This is along with dozens of TV channels that air top quality movies, as per their schedule.

And if you are bored with the movies, you can switch to live channels and TV shows.

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13. Zee5

Watch movies online for free

If you want to watch Hindi movies for free, then Zee5 is the answer. While the service is paid, its free movies section houses hundreds of top titles from Bollywood, Hollywood, and other industries.

You can watch the movies on the website or through the app. They are available in 21 Indian regional dubs, with an average of 5+ subtitles for every movie.

Zee5 also shows personalized movie recommendations based on your viewing history.

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Yes, you can legally watch movies for free through the apps we have listed in the article.

Few of them may not be available in your region, owing to regional copyright laws.

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Best free movie streaming apps

These were the best free movie streaming apps for watching the latest films.

None of them require credit card information, so you can rest assured of any accidental payments here.

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