How to Recover Deleted Facebook Posts?

Deleted a Facebook post from your account by mistake and want to get it back?

When you delete a post from your timeline, Facebook doesn’t immediately remove it.

In most cases, if you act urgently, you can recover deleted Facebook posts.

Let’s discuss how to get those old memories back.

Restore Deleted Facebook Posts from Trash on PC

When you delete a post on Facebook, it is moved to the Trash section in your account. This section works like a ‘Recycle bin’ folder on Facebook, storing the deleted posts.

The post remains there for 30 days, during which you can restore it to the timeline. After that, Facebook deletes the post permanently, making it irrecoverable.

But if you delete the post from the Trash section, it is impossible to recover it.

Repeat the following steps to restore a deleted post on the Facebook website:

  1. Login to your Facebook account.
  2. Click on the Profile icon in the top-right corner.
    open facebook settings
  3. Select the Settings & privacy option.
    open facebook settings
  4. Click on the Activity log option.
    open facebook settings
  5. Scroll down the left-hand side menu and click on the Trash option.
    open facebook trash section
  6. Find the post you want to recover and click the three dots icon next to it.
    recover deleted facebook post
  7. Select the Restore to profile option.
    restore facebook post to profile
  8. Click on the Restore button.
    confirm facebook post restoration

The post will reappear on your Facebook profile timeline. Remember that it will be visible to everyone with whom you shared it earlier.

Restore Deleted Facebook Posts in Mobile App

Repeat the following steps to recover deleted Facebook posts in mobile app:

  1. Open the Facebook mobile app and log in.
  2. Tap on the Profile icon.
    recover facebook deleted post
  3. Tap on the three-dots icon.
    open settings in facebook app
  4. Select the Activity log option.
    open activity log in facebook
  5. Tap on the Trash option.
    open trash folder facebook
  6. Tap the three dots icon next to the post you want to restore.
    trash folder in facebook
  7. Choose the Restore to profile option.
    restore deleted post in facebook
  8. Tap on RESTORE.
    restore deleted post

Close the Trash section, and the post will appear on your timeline.

Why Is the Deleted Facebook Post Not Showing Up in the Trash?

Facebook’s Trash folder has an auto-delete function that removes the posts after 30 days. So, a permanently deleted Facebook post will not appear in the Trash folder after that.

However, you won’t find the post if you previously deleted it from the Trash folder.

Another reason the Facebook post is missing from the Trash folder is that you deleted an image or video from a post with multiple items.

For example, if you upload a set of photos as a post and delete one of them, it will be deleted permanently.

Can You Recover Facebook Posts Using the Accounts Centre?

Facebook’s Account Center lets you download your complete profile data, including your posts, comments, images, etc. However, it doesn’t include the posts or data removed from the trash folder.

Moreover, the data is in HTML or JSON format, which will be of little help. Instead, you should manually recover deleted Facebook posts from the Trash section before 30 days of deletion.


Facebook has reliable measures to save your post for recovery, even if you remove it from your timeline.

Visit the Trash folder before 30 days to restore the Facebook post.

You can also use the Archive option to hide a post from the timeline and reduce the risk of permanently losing a Facebook memory.

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