MICRO SD Memory Card Password Recovery / removing 4 methods. 

Solution 1:

For Symbian Mobiles:
1. Download and Install  FExplorer
2. Insert your card into your phone, without accessing it through the phone
3. Run FExplorer and Open the path C:system
4. Find the file called mmcstore, and rename it mmcstore.txt
5. Copy that file (mmcstore.txt) to your PC and open it in Notepad

6. Your password will be located within that file.

Solution 2:

For Symbian Mobiles:

1. Download and Instal X-Plore
2. Now open the X-Plore and press Zero(0) then check you have marked the
“Show the System Files”.
3. After you done the above step now go to the file:
4. If you found the above path then press the option “3” to set the Hex-Viewer.
5.  Now look the third column you can see the code like ! TMSD02G (c ??”? x???3?3?3?3?3)
Now see the characters between ‘?’ because it is your password 33333.
6. You mayn’t able to access the path file:
if you don’t set the password for the memory card.

Solution 3:

For Micro SD:
Put the card in any E series mobile or N95 etc and format it.
It will not ask for a password.

Solution 4:

1. Go to file manager on your mobile
2. In Settings choose system folders,
3. In the System folder, find a file called mmcstore
4. Send the file to your PC using IR/Bluetooth
5. Open the file in Notepad
6. The password you need for your memory card is located within that file

If you have any doubts please post a comment below.


    • Will this work on sony erricson Mt11i???? I had nokia x3 which i sold n dat memory card is locked wid password and i forgot that password.. Can dx method work?? Plzz help plzzzzzzz!!!!!!!

  1. dear sir<br />i m manish. i have nokia x2 dualsim . I have forgotten my memory card password.I have not password how can recover password without farmat. pls help me. very imp data in this card.<br />my cell 8871338878.<br /><br />

  2. I had a nokia 5320 nd i had a memorycard in there which never had a password but now that i wanna put it in my new fone..nokia lumia 620..it wants a password and sometimes it duznt show at all..help!!!


  4. fexplorer is not working on my nokia x2-01 mobile<br />i don&#39;t want to format it because there is some important data in this card<br />any other way to know the password

  5. This is my second comment, the problem is same but none of these solutions could solve the problem. please note that not all Nokia mobilephones supports (.sis/.sisx) extn files. FExplorer and X-plore having same extn files. so these files cannot be installed. 3rd option can work but it will delete all existing data and for the same i have to borrow the phones(E &amp; N series). 4th option- there

  6. i forgot my memorycard password.now i&#39;m using nokia supernova 7210 mobile. please tell how to remove the memorycard password by using my phone.

  7. i use a nokia s40 phone <br />it does not show any of the system files<br />what should i do….<br />pls help ….<br />thanks

  8. i was using password protected memory card. I sold my Nokia phone. Now i have android phone but memory card is not showing. Can you help me? what should i do?<br />

  9. Hai i have a c2-01 phone in that no folder is showing by the name of sytem sys,i have forgotten the memory card password there is lots of data in that how can i recover that files? pls help me<br />

  10. Hi,<br />I am using Nokia 7230. I forgot my password of my memory card. Could you please guide me how to break the password and it is not an Android phone. Please do the needful.<br />Thanks for your help.

  11. I use Samsung Galaxy Tab2 7.0.. recently i brought an samsung 16GB-MicroSD card and installed it in my tab… since then i was unable to copy or add files to that memory card… i tried a lot but every thing was useless.. finally i tried to format the card, then its aking for a password.. i didn’t give any password for my MicroSD card even then its asking for password. I tried all default passwords( like 1234, 12345, 0000 etc.,) but non of them are working.. finally i tried my device passowrd which i use to unlock my device and finally it worked.. now iam able to access my memory card… if you fcae the same problem please try out the same with your sd card… all the best..jk

  12. Im King L Dowg uh i have set a password in my memory card while i waz using my usher phone,but now ive changed ma phone so i forgot ma password

  13. Password created on nokia and now i hv andro pne but sd crd not show on it and i hve also frget my passwrd then wht to do, plz gve suggestion its urgent.

  14. Hi
    i have a BIG PROBLEM..
    in dont have nokia phone i use Galaxy s4 android phone accidently my micro sd card got locked .. i really donno what should i do.
    My datas are REALLY important.. and i cant format it
    I also installed X-plore .. but i cant find MMCSTORE.. T_T
    Help me please

  15. every one is saying u will find (“mmcstore”) but when i open de xplorer there no mmcstore how can i unlock my memory card plz help me

  16. I have a problem with my sd memory card i was use the password but now i don’t remember that password what can i do

  17. my cell phone is Nokia 5130c-2 & someone put a password in my memory card & i can’t open and i had also tried with fexplorer & x-plore but it is not is there any code or other way to unlock my mmc

  18. Sir /madam I have Nokia express music 5130 modeforgforgot my password for the memory card of Samsung plz any one help me to solve this problem how I should unlock the memory card

  19. I encrypted my memory card to a nokia asha 205 and forgot the password. Now i cant access it. Can you help me unlock the password. You know nokia asha 205 cannot install explore and it has no pot for usb

  20. Hey i have forgot the passward of my sandisk memory card. And there is no such file called mmcstore in my files . What to do????how can i recover my files???are there any fixed attempts of trying to enter passward

  21. pliz i don’t know how to delete my M-card password and have forgoten my P-word. Pliz help me out, am using Nokia 201

  22. Comment:Comment: I have A phone . My phone name is Nokia-E63 . today i insert a memory and i also switch on Encryption of memory option . i was also input a passpharse code . so Encryption is enable and also start and working it , but then i switch of my phone , then i was start the phone , the phone also start perfectly but memory cannot be used this message are seen

    Now My question is that How can i used memory again perfectly without formatting memory ???

    Plzzzzzzzzz help me plzzzzzzzzzz


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