More than 750 Israeli websites and 35000 Israeli Emails leaked by hacker Anon Ghost under #OpIsrael Reloaded .

Anonymous hacker  Anon Ghost have hacked More than 750 Israeli websites including more than 50 Israeli government sites removed from internet and 35000 Israeli Emails leaked.

#OpIsrael Reloaded, a project from hackers to remove Israel from internet was started on 7th of june 2013, one of the hacker involved in this project, Anon Ghost has managed to hack more than 778 Israeli websites till now. including 53 Israeli government websites completely removed form internet.
Moreever he has reported more than 35000 Israeli Emails Leak And popular email service hack

The data can be seen in the paste provided by him:
List of website hacked by Anon Ghost under #OpIsrael Reloaded
List of government websites removed completely by Anon Ghost under #OpIsrael Reloaded
Emails hacked by Anon Ghost  #OpIsrael Reloaded
Data from email service

#OpIsrael was launched because of the reason that Israeli hackers launched #Opislam, to give the answer islamic hacker Anon Ghost launched this operation.

More and more websites are being hacked daily and the numbers of website in the list is increasing too.

This list is being updated regularly.

To know more and for latest upadate follow Anon Ghost on twitter @ An0nGhost.

Also read An interview with Team AnonGhost

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Abhishek Kumar Jha
Abhishek Kumar Jha
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