800,000 Facebook users Fall in the prey of Password-Harvesting browser Malware.

A new report shows, More than 800,000 Facebook users got there system infected and Accounts hijacked in last few days.

Researcher Carlo de Micheli, in a Conversation with New York Time’s Bit blog said The Malware spreads in links, emails, messages on Facebook, twitter and other social Network. On clicking these links users are prompted to download a browser extension.

The browser extension is malicious and contains a malware that harvest users accounts details and other information that are saved in their browser as cookies or passwords. Many users keep their Account information from Facebook, twitter, and other Important Accounts from Banks (passwords) saved in the browser to save time to login again and again, these passwords are hijacked and sent instantly to the Attacker. These victims are then used to spread the malware through their Social network Accounts to their friends, and so on.

The malware is spreading at a rate of 40,000 attacks per hour, and has infected more than 800,000 users in few days.

A user once into the trap of these malware cannot easily remove it, since the malware disables browser settings to remove it, and it also blocks many websites providing Malware removal tools.

Carlo de Micheli says, the Attackers have also developed the extension for firefox, a another popular web browser.

Although Facebook said that its security systems had also detected the attack and it was working to clear the malicious links, But believe me Facebook can’t really get rid of malwares & spams. since Facebook is the primary target of Attackers.

Time to Techworm have been warning for Facebook spams, though if you have already been in the prey, or want to know what the precautions are, we suggest you to look at this post 

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Abhishek Kumar Jha
Abhishek Kumar Jha
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